Ed Talks Daily

Grateful is what I AM!

I am deeply grateful for the guidance and insight that ED provides. His words, his realness and dedication to serving others is awe- inspiring.
I understand so much more about my emotions and the anatomy of my body and
why I feel
what I feel
when I'm feeling it.
Being apart of the daily online morning community/ tribe he created has changed me, the way I think, and how I go into my day feeling!!!
DEPRESSION WHO!? Nah baby.. you don't stand a over here chance anymore! You can't dwell here anymore. I got something for you..
I'm doing a few moves I learned in the Rise and Prime to get me out of that !
Anxiety WHAT? I know how to get ride of you now! I know where to give my attention to and how to breath now to to get rid of that!!! Thank you Ed for you contribution to the world.
I have learned how to show myself a beautiful amount of patience and compassion.

June 18, 2021 by ChanelDiamonds on Apple Podcasts

Ed Talks Daily