Oct. 29, 2020

#136 Ed Talks the stages of holistic self-development

#136 Ed Talks the stages of holistic self-development
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Life happens in stages because life is a staging process where we get to set the stage for our lives. Have you realized the various stages that have made you the person you are today? Take a listen to see which stage you are in.

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What isEd Talks Daily?

The Ed Talks Daily podcast is about growth in all aspects of your life. How do you solidify a great mindset that will lead to a healthy body, healthy relationships, and an in-tune spirit? Join me on this journey to becoming the best version of ourselves. If you want a podcast that you can relate to, a podcast that will motivate and inspire you all while educating you on ways to personally develop and grow as a human being, Ed Talks Daily is for you.

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Shakespeare, the whole wor'd's a stage, us merely players, stages of growth, growth process, the work, doing the work, psychology concepts, Jim Rohn motivation, how to get past a rut, reading stage, planning stage, adolescence, drama of the gifted child, healing the inner child, the body in pain, rewire your anxious mind, subconscious programming

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