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God blessed

It is a blessing to be able to hear from someone who is inline and decided to preforming god’s work.

Consistency Counts

Ed’s fruitful investment into the lives of others has impacted so many people (myself included). You do not have to be completely committed to holistic living to embark on an amazing knowledge filled journey through the episodes. Challenge yourself to find an episode that fills you with the support and tools necessary to be a purposeful you. Happy Trails !

Coping, Healing, & Co-creating

There’s much to say about Ed and his powerful words. The gems Ed drops are for grabs.. for everyone ready to take action in every single way. I remember these words “Healing is an action that must be implemented through your daily routine and the one way to overcome traumas that has been running your life is to act out of it.” It moved me in such way that I had to tap in and listen to Ed’s Talks. Motivating me to continue breaking chains and overcoming everyday challenges like a true peaceful warrior. Rising in love, journeying gracefully and truly embracing my truth and all that I am. Forever grateful for the opportunity to share sacred space with Ed and the common-unity. One Love 🫶🏼

Great resources.

An abundance of inspiration just the right type of resources that are needed for Leveling up day-to-day living.


This young man is wise beyond his years..I wish he would have been around in my younger years..

Ed Talks Daily (The Holistic Motivator)

This podcast it been a source of encouragement for me to achieve more in my life and to take better care of myself. What I like is the speaker really does have a holistic view; he’s about the mental, physical, spiritual, nutritional, and all aspects of our being. Ed is wise beyond his years and gladly shares his knowledge in an effort to help others

Hidden Treasure

Ed is an extraordinary talent. The knowledge and spirit he exudes daily is priceless. Definitely a hidden treasure but I’m so glad I found him.

Life-changing stuff right here

These words resonated with me so deeply that I had to take notes that I know I'll be referring to for the rest of my life. I think everyone needs to hear this... all the artists, healers and feelers of the world. I've learned in such a short time to appreciate the hardships I experience because they serve a bigger purpose - things are working in my favor and not against me. So grateful for this message.

Inspirational, transformational, and educational.

Just after a single listen on dismantling fear, I have a shift in perspective. I’m on a journey of becoming abundance in every aspect of life, with one aspect being my business. After listening and taking notes, I am going to continue to move forward using the strategies presented. Very inspirational, transformational, and educational. Thank you.

Amazing !

ED IS AMAZING AND SO MOTIVATING!! Definitely speaking life into others 💜👏🏽👏🏽

Tending to your garden

OMG! Literally powerful and I cried!!! I needed to hear this! This man is gifted!!! Thank You!!

Grateful is what I AM!

I am deeply grateful for the guidance and insight that ED provides. His words, his realness and dedication to serving others is awe- inspiring. I understand so much more about my emotions and the anatomy of my body and why I feel what I feel when I'm feeling it. Being apart of the daily online morning community/ tribe he created has changed me, the way I think, and how I go into my day feeling!!! DEPRESSION WHO!? Nah baby.. you don't stand a over here chance anymore! You can't dwell here anymore. I got something for you.. I'm doing a few moves I learned in the Rise and Prime to get me out of that ! Anxiety WHAT? I know how to get ride of you now! I know where to give my attention to and how to breath now to to get rid of that!!! Thank you Ed for you contribution to the world. I have learned how to show myself a beautiful amount of patience and compassion.

Ed is literally INCREDIBLE

Ed has an amazing ability to make you feel wonderful while at the same time, motivating and coaching you to follow your dreams. His voice is powerful because it’s calm and pleasant to listen to while doing other work. I’ll find myself working and then stopping because there’s some insight that I want to listen to. Well done, Ed! Keep it up!!

Amazingly Positively Inspirational

Ed has impacted my life in a very positive way and changed it for the better. Through his instagram posts, podcast and text messages, he asks all the right questions that get me thinking deeply about how I want to grow and change with love. He raises consciousness about yourself and other people, helps you build up your natural super powers like intuition, forgiveness, visualization, etc. and keeps me on track for positive spiritual growth. I am extremely grateful for him and his work.


Ever since I signed up for coaching, this man has delivered such encouragement and wisdom into my life. He’s on point with all his messages, the stretches help as well. I am so glad I found him. ❤️

Holistic Sensei

This subscription is so worth it for me, I have someone to remind me of my greatness by guiding me to navigate and explore healthy living, healthy thinking, and healthy breathing!


Ed’s podcast has instilled very deep thought in me, has inspired me to raise my energy/vibrations and keep them high, and encouraged a healthier lifestyle for a better future. I am amazed with everything him and his platform stand for!

Ed is a true Holistic Motivator

Every episode is full with tools to help me show up as my best self in the world. Super grateful Ed is using his gift to empower others.

These podcasts motivate my WHOLE being.

This podcast is beneficial no matter where you are on your journey. Im learning new things, solidifying things i already know, and receiving daily, IMPACTFUL motivation. Ed focuses on how to rise above the struggle, mentally, psychically and spiritually. I really look forward to these podcast daily. Thanks Ed!

Very Insightful and Inspirational

This podcast is very deep and helpful for anyone who’s trying to grow and evolve to a better version of themselves.

Motivating Show

Ed’s positivity is infectious! Definitely listen. -Bailey

Thank You For this

This podcast has some really hidden gems in it, I’m inspired every time I listen to it.

Quality Podcast

Ed Talks Daily brings powerful motivation to the table that engages the mind of each listener in a meaningful that not many podcasts can achieve. Definitley worth a listen and subscription as the constant stream of quality content is something that Ed never fails to deliver.


I love the mindset that Ed brings to life, and he clearly exemplifies this in his Ed Talks. The insight that he brings to life and growth really helps to motivate me

Honest Motivation

Great production, good host, good atmosphere


Yo this podcast the Best Bro I love the concept behind this‼️🙏🏾💯🔥🔥

Phenomenal knowledge

What I love the most is the difference mindset that are brought on the show. Being an a environment where you get knowledge from people that are thinking bigger , doing bigger ! Only help light the fire to your dreams and goal. 🔥keep it up bro thank you for the power ! We need more. I as a entrepreneur I only surround myself with people that help me level up !

Ed is your motivational Guru!

I’ve been listening to Ed for a while and I am constantly reminded that I have untapped potential and as long as I stay positive and keep working towards my goals, I am making progress. He’s a terrific story teller and will help you keep your life on the right course!!

Life changing!

Every time I listen to this podcast I feel renewed and reinspired to take on life! Thank you so much for using your voice to change the world.

LOVE! Inspired.

This guy just doesn’t stop. He consecutively delivers immeasurably valuable content. I am inspired after every listen. Subscribe already!