Feb. 27, 2021

Refueling your self at the end of the week

Refueling your self at the end of the week
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It's important to go back and review your vitality  tank this week. What drained you, what pains did you take with you, what emotional stagnation need releasing? These all questions that needs answers and action for relief! What will you do to restore your vital life force energy at the end of the week.


If you want to show up to the morning meditation stress release class which will give you the following benefits:

✔️ Body Drumming Exercises- Learn how to use Paida or Body drumming to release muscle tension and improve blood flow.

✔️ Self-massage- Learn self-massage techniques to alleviate pain, stay young and get a better sense of clarity.

✔️Moving Meditation - Engage in rotational joint movement and breathing exercises to improve your strength relax your nervous system.

Save your spot: https://tryqigong.com

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