Sept. 25, 2018

#26 Ed Talks Delay Not Denial

#26 Ed Talks Delay Not Denial
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What you're waiting for and not getting right now is simply a delay, not a denial. What you want has not become a reality because you're in the process of creating such reality. A delay only becomes a denial when you give up waiting, continually be patient towards the goal. Continually to be patient in the pursuit of a worthy ideal. Remember that success is simply the pursuit of a worthy ideal. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to this podcast on your desired podcast app. Click this link to view platforms: - Thank you for tuning in to the Ed Talk Podcast. The Ed Talk Podcast is a holistic podcast. The purpose is to inspire growth in all aspect of one's life. Please be sure to subscribe to listen to recent episodes. To Follow Edouard Gilles on other platforms, please visit: -- Follow Me Online Here: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: Soundcloud: Twitter: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: