Jan. 14, 2019

#32 Ed Talks Kicking the Worry Habit

#32 Ed Talks Kicking the Worry Habit
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Worryis fear painting pictures in your mind. Worry is a mental broadcasting station and more often than not, it is false, or at least distorted propaganda.Worry is wasted mental energy.


Tune in to this podcast inspired by the words of Jim Rohn on how to kick the worry habit:

  • Recognize worry for what it is - What it does, and then decide, you know, want to be free it first starts with decision on your part.
    • Say I’ve Had it, I am going to do something about worry.
  • Say some affirmations affirming yourself that you will let go of your worry habits and why you are going to do it.
  • Examine your fears and worriesto see if they are valid and you won't let your mind play those mental tricks any longer.
    • When first signs of worry prompts you to learn, ask questions and look at all sides in order to evaluate true positive, constructive action.
    • Analyze it to death, drag it out on the table and look at it with against all of your past experiences, make sure this one can stand against all the past facts you have you will now start to use worry instead of letting worry use you. It's a beginning being in control. Instead of out of control.
  • Get Back into the present

Positive Action Steps

  • Have more confidencein yourself and abilities and confidence starts first with awareness.
    • Don't be afraid to face the facts of life. There will be hard times but learn how you can use those hard times to get better.
    • The key to all success in economics or mental health is self development, it will all change for the better when you change for the better.
  • Respond - build up inside of you that heavy desire to be free to get on with building your life and lifestyle too much as waiting to delay.
  • Take a new look at your opportunity, figure out new ways to seize them immediately and make them work for you.
  • Develop a plan for your life rather than aimlessly drifting through it, the victim of circumstance.
  • Create your own environment and learn to control it, 
  • Go on a crash program to clean updecision 
    • Get other things set up and started in Organized
    • Start doing all the things that would make you feel better: exercise, diet reading more books open a floodgate of positive moves in the right direction and
  • Be thankful- add up what you do have make an actual as well as a conscious mental list of all you possess tangible, as well as in tangible
  • Take one day and see what a variety of positive steps you can take and projects, you can take on at the end of the day, go over it right out the positive step the progress on projects.
  • Write at least one encouraging letter or thank you note and make at least one encouraging phone call or Thank you call every week 
  • Have a friend help you stay accountable, help you to get all the facts and prepare for action 
  • Resolve to be free of the habit-that job is up to you to work on yourself to get the right attitude next start the daily action of first cleaning up all your current situation.
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