April 22, 2019

#38 Ed Talks Reintroducing Your Self and Building Habits using Your Brain Neuro Pathways

#38 Ed Talks Reintroducing Your Self and Building Habits using Your Brain Neuro Pathways
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Ed talks about neuro pathways, habits and the correlation between the two. How can you reintroduce yourself to the world by building a new set of habits? Think about the current habits you have now, are they serving you or are they hurting you?  As you think about that answer, if it's not serving you, I urge you to create habits that will serve you. 

  1. Recognize Your Habits
  2. Acknowledging the Triggers of habits
  3. Decide what habits you had in the past you would like to bring back and what habits you don’t have and you would like to build
  4. Visualize how your life would look like with those new habits
  5. Ignore your old habits focus on creating new ones
  6. Creating Neural Pathways with Intention
  7. Find ways to send images to your subconscious mind using your 5 senses


Ways to change:

  1. Daily Motivation
  2. Meditation- Clear your mind so you can be in control, diminish stress so you can think less, Meditate on your new found habits
  3. Intention- Act with intention when creating new habits and 
  4. Monitor your inner conversation -Listen to yourself
  5. Visualization- See yourself there
  6. Program Your Brain with audio like Ted Talks or Ed Talks
  7. Action - Do it Anyways
  8. Support system- Have people in your corner that will help you stay accountable. Share a facebook post and tell people what new direction you are arriving towards
  9. Check-in to see how you’re doing
  10. Ask better questions- Questions that opens doors not close them
  11. Use your physiology to make small changes to your subconscious mind\
  12. Learn to take into the good and weave positive experiences into our brain 
    • Bring to mind someone that thinks good about you (have a good experience)
    • Move from concept to experience and stay with it
    • Enrich the experience- let it last, give yourself into it
    • Absorb it, let it come in to you
    • Link the positive experience with the negative

HEAL By Dr. Rick Hanson

  • Have a positive experience
  • Enrich it
  • Absorb it
  • Link positive and negative experience


Hardwiring happiness: Dr. Rick Hanson at TEDxMarin 2013

Author of Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence

Zen Habits

How long it takes for something to become a habit

The neuroscience of Behavior Change


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