Nov. 18, 2019

#47 Ed Talks how to find and express yourself

#47 Ed Talks how to find and express yourself

Learn why self-discovery is the gateway to self-expression and why expressing yourself will cause you to expand. This episode urges you to discover who you are by starting your personal growth journey.

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How to discover your self

  1. Detach from your personality and connect with your spirit
  2. Live in the spirit of learning and seeking knowledge
  3. Learn from other people’s experiences by following people who inspire and educate you.
  4. Connect with your spirit through prayer and meditation.
  5. Like yourself first

How to express yourself

  1. When you discover yourself, share yourself.
  2. Express something you care about
  3. Get an environment that promotes authentic expression

Notable Quotes :

"When you only identify with your personality, you dilute your spirit and your soul:

“Your personality is simply the reality of the person you are right now”

“If you don’t like yourself, then, you cannot go into yourself”

“When you share your self, you will expand. When you stay grounded in your spirit, you will withstand the storms of life”

“When we live to get ours, we expand until the graveyard. When we live to give to others, we expand into forever”

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