May 15, 2020

#48 Ed Talks The Emotion of Guilt

#48 Ed Talks The Emotion of Guilt
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Do you know what guilt is and what it does? It sometimes can cause inaction which is the very thing keeping you in the guilt. Guilt is an indicator that we are out of integrity with our values and expectation we set for ourselves. Listen to this podcast for more

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Notable Quotes

Expectations often lead to disappointment if you're dealing with others but expectations set for yourself will lead to the result based on the action you’ve put in.

There are results based on the projects you’ve set for yourself or there are results based on the expectations you’ve set based on your potential.

Guilt is an emotion that arrives to remind you of what you said you were gonna do.

The more time you dwell in the guilt, the less time you have to reap the rewards of what guilt can bring if you put in action.

Guilt is not an emotion that makes us feel incompetent but an emotion that makes you feel more empowered.

Guilt is like a tool that the internal guide uses to guide toward another direction.

Unless there’s pain attached to a certain thing, we often don’t find the need to change.

Your Homework for Self-Cultivation

  1. Create a two-column chart with your guilt trip on the left and the action out of the guilt on the right.


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