June 1, 2020

#54 Ed Talks Sharing Your Story to Help Others

#54 Ed Talks Sharing Your Story to Help Others

We all have a story because our individual stories is a piece of history. The question is are using your story as a way to empower yourself or is it a wall you are putting up? Listen to this podcast to learn why it is important to turn baggage into luggage and share your story.

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Episode Notes

Your experiences are not baggage but luggage.

When you share your luggage, you don’t have a clouded space.

Notable Quotes

-“If you emulate mentality, you won’t have to think of the qualities”

“Share your story so you can help evolve someone’s mentality”

-“Your experiences are gold nuggets.

-"Observation without action is procrastination”

Questions for Personal Development

When was a time you had a "me-too" moment by sharing your story with someone else or vice versa?

What piece of nugget can you get and share from your luggage?


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