June 4, 2020

#57 Staying Consistent with your self and your goals

#57 Staying Consistent with your self and your goals

The number one thing most people claim to have an issue with is staying consistent and oftentimes, it becomes the script that hinders their self-consistency. Self-consistency is being consistent with an optimal version of your internal being. Once you are consistent inside in your mental state, you'll reap the rewards of being consistent outside in your day-to-day.

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Questions to Ponder

What's the number one thing you struggle with?

Do you stay consistent with what you say you’re gonna do?

Why do we tend to say we're not consistent?

What can you do to be more consistent?

I know what to do, why am I not doing it? Why?

How can I start being more consistent?

What’s on my To-Be List?

Notable Quotes

  • We love to bash ourselves for our lack of consistency, but we don’t act upon the consistent actions.
  • A Rut is realizing untapped talents.
  • You’re not consistent because you’re claiming you’re not consistent.
  • Fall on your routine to get back on your consistency rather than fall off giving it all up.
  • Macro consistency is your overall consistency. Micro consistency
  • Ask yourself better questions rather than limit your self with limiting statements.
  • A lot of times, we’re inconsistent not because we’re not doing the right things daily because we don’t know what to do daily with a goal we do not have.
  • Once your desire becomes attractive, the actions will automatically follow.
  • Shift with internal consistency so you can be conscious of the things you’re gonna do.
  • To clear your vision is not to just set the destination but to look within and detoxify how you’re feeling, eating, and thinking.
  • When you’re working on your mental health, your mentality shifts.
  • Be in tune with your values and in spirit with the vision.
  • Expand enough and be in tune enough so you don’t ignore the expansion.
  • You don’t lose consistency when you stop acting, you lose consistency when you stop being conscious.
  • Saying you’re not consistent is a consistent thought that rob your consistent action.

Building a consistent routine

  1. Get Clear
  2. Become conscious
  3. Define the goal
  4. Finish the day before you start by setting objectives and tasks for a specified time.
  5. Shift with internal consistency and clear your vision.
  6. Work on your to be list to improve your mental state.
  7. Be in tune with your values and in spirit with the vision.
  8. Remain conscious
  9. Set one thing to be consistent with.

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