June 5, 2020

#58 Ed Talks Empower yourself with the platform to perform

#58 Ed Talks Empower yourself with the platform to perform

How often do you make space for yourself to express your true self? When was the last time you empowered yourself with the platform to perform? In this podcast, Ed Talks about Self-empowerment and taking action on the things that are in your best interest. Tune in for more!

Empowerment has an action that leads to a solution.

Expression is an action.

Episode Notes

3 Types of people, those who:

  1. Live in Action
  2. Live in Reaction
  3. Live in Lacktion (Lack of Action)


What is Ed Talks Daily?

The Ed Talks Daily podcast is about growth in all aspects of your life. How do you solidify a great mindset that will lead to a healthy body, healthy relationships, and in-tune spirit? Join me on this journey to becoming the best version of ourselves. If you want a podcast that you can relate to, a podcast that will motivate and inspire you all while educating you on ways to personally develop and grow as a human being, Ed Talks Daily is for you.

Podcast Topics: Self-help, Personal Development, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Meditation, Tai-chi (Qigong), Alternative medicine, holistic health, preventive health care, self-care, self-love, motivation, entrepreneurship, trauma, fitness, and health, entrepreneur wellness podcast.


Who is Edouard Gilles?

A passionate motivational speaker who aims to empower millennials to embark on life with a holistic paradigm by sharing personal development principles and wellness counseling to audiences so that various aspects of health can be improved. He serves as the host of the Unlimited Power Show, a personal development talk show that serves an educational platform for mental, physical, and mental health. His mission is to empower, motivate, and uplift individuals to achieve a whole mind, body, and nutrition.

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