Jan. 17, 2018

#6 Ed Talks Common Fitness Questions Answered

#6 Ed Talks Common Fitness Questions Answered
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Listen to hear Edouard's Answer to the Following Questions: --- I've been on my weight loss journey for a few months now and while I see to burn fat and lose weight quickly around my hips I struggle to lose anything on my thighs. My quads grow in muscle mass very quickly so I have a lot of muscle at the back of my thighs and front but a lot of inner thigh fat if that makes sense. What's the best way to target the "problem"? What's the best thing to soothe aching muscles, especially after leg day? What are your thoughts on fasted cardio/ how long should you roughly have eaten beforehand to benefit from it? Just out of curiosity, if u dont eat enough protein, and train, what happens? Muscles dont repair? and if so, why does DOM fade after a few days even if u eat really little protein, what happens with the muscles? Does it stay injured? Do you know why every single time I go to workout I become dizzy and nauseous after I work out? How long will I see result? 


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