June 26, 2019

Creating bridges with your story

Creating bridges with your story
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WHAT IS LIFE? Life is an Adventure ... Dare it Life is a Beauty ... Praise it Life is a Challenge ... Meet it Life is a Duty ... Perform it Life is a Love ... Enjoy it Life is a Tragedy ... Face it Life is a Struggle ... Fight it Life is a Promise ... Fulfill it Life is a Game ... Play it Life is a Gift ... Accept it Life is a Journey ... Complete it Life is a Mystery ... Unfold it Life is a Goal ... Achieve it Life is an Opportunity ... Take it Life is a Puzzle ... Solve it Life is a Song ... Sing it Life is a Sorrow ... Overcome it Life is a Spirit ... Realize it  -Anon. - What's going on everybody my name is Edouard Gilles. And thank you for tuning into one of these TED Talks daily podcast. And I woke up to the spirit of wanting to share what I have in my heart. So this morning, a very important thought was and this thought was, well, we are often bridged by our stories. So, our stories can be a bridge to relate to someone else. And that's how we ultimately communicate with other people is by relating to their story. For history or his story happens because we were able to form bridges between different people, different nations, time, place, and people and history. So the bridge between history and reality is through our stories. Reality is the story that is going on. Now, let's take a look back at the story that we tell us the story that we tell ourselves not often reality. So let's not confuse our life story with the story we're telling ourselves about how life should be or how life is. We call this the paradigm; the way we see things, the way we view things and the way we looked at things as a sum total of the story we have about how things should be in our mind. So I say to you the same story that bridges relationships, the same story that forms of a bridge so that  you can relate to another being is  sometimes the same story that's going to separate you from people that may need to be in your life. So the most important thing we can do for ourselves is take a look at the story that we're telling ourselves. Because that story is what at the end of day is going to make history. What you think every single day will ultimately determine the path that your life takes, henceforth, the thing that we can do every day is think right thoughts. Now, you may say, right and wrong: that's a very eerie topic, eerie subject, a subject that I can't quite way what is right and what is wrong, because it is subjective. Right are things that we do that does not hinder us from having a positive life experience. Doing things that are right are  things that we do that ares not hinder us from having a positive life experience. Now, if you know that you're eating this stuff, it's killing you inside and you continuously doing it, then I'm sure it's a negative action because it's not helping you have a positive experience. So positive life experience comes when you do the things that are helping you and not hurting you. That's what makes things positive and that's what dictates what what's positive or negative. Now let's go back to the negative things. What are some negative emotions, some negative beliefs, some negative stories we can tell ourselves. "I'm not good enough. I will never achieve it, my life was meant to be this way. I have a generational curse. Every year, the same thing happens. I can't keep my word".  All of these things become negative, because they're not helping you get to the positive life experience. A positive life experience start with positive thinking, positive thoughts. We're not saying let's go against what reality is --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/edtalksdaily/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/edtalksdaily/support