Dec. 16, 2019

Finding Your talents, Overcoming Fears & Defining Purpose w/ Justin and Javier | Ed Growth Talks E1

Finding Your talents, Overcoming Fears & Defining  Purpose w/ Justin and Javier | Ed Growth Talks E1

Happy Sunday powerful people, this Sunday I bring to you the first ever ED Growth Talk on this Super Soul Sunday. We just have so deep conversations about life, spirituality and growth. Stay tuned every Sunday. Like Javier says if you ain’t having a   Ed Talks conversation, are you even having a real conversation?

Javier Lee (IG @dr.javierlee), Justin Delapiece (IG @justindelapiece) and Edouard (IG @ceoambitionist) Introduces the show.

  1. What is your Meaning of Service?
  2. The Process of Self-Discovery
  3. When do you know something is not for you? How many months does it take.
  • Typical shell life of dreams
  • Gifts that we don’t see
  • Talents and Gifts are one big wire or tangled up because we haven’t found ways unravel ourselves- Javier Lee
  1. How do we bridge the gap from where we are to where we want to be?

Justin’s answer: There is no gap, we are the gap.

Javier’s answer: Conquering your fear

  1. What’s your biggest fear?

Javier: Not being good enough

Justin: Going to hell

Edouard: I don’t give fear too much power

  1. If you’re saved, should you be scared of hell?

Justin: Being saved is like having a raffle ticket but its up to him if he redeems his ticket to heaven by living right.

Edouard: I’m not scared of hell as much as I am anticipating how heaven would be like.

  1. What percentage of your potential are you using?

Javier: 40%

Justin: 10%

Edouard: 50 %

  1. How does the 100% you look like?

Javier: I am a billionaire. Impacting other people so they can find their purpose in life

Justin: I wanna be a billionaire by helping a billion people.

  1. Being part of Progressive Black Men Inc.
  2. Does Faith or fate lead your life? If you change, does your fate change with you?

Javier: With enough faith, you can directly impact your fate.

Justin: You determine your faith but your fate is determined. God has already decided your path.

Edouard: Your fate is a result of what you believe in (faith). Your faith is the creation of what you believe it.

  1. How do you feel about eastern wellness practices like qigong and self-hypnosis
  2. How was your process of recognizing your potential?

Javier: I see talented individuals who are geniuses in their own right and I would try to force them to act in their genius. But I often forget that I am a genius in my own right. Its good and bad because I’m pushing other people but not myself. I had to make the conscious decision to work on my self, believe and be confident in myself. I discovered my purpose.

  1. How does being alone help you find yourself?

What is Ed Growth Talks?

Ed Growth Talks is a soul series every Sunday where we just have so deep conversations about life, spirituality and growth. Tune next Sunday for a deep conversation with dope people.


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