March 15, 2018

Get To The Point| MCM E12

Get To The Point| MCM E12
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Don’t play small when you have big dreams, a big heart and a big plan. Get to the point. It’s okay to start with what you got but recognize when you need to shift from what you got to what you want. Get to the point. Desire is only a thought, an impulse until it is transferred into its physical counterpart. To transform desire into success , one has to take that leap of faith that will propel you towards your destiny. I said this to my self “Ed why are you laying small when your vision is so big”. So I decided I’m gonna go for exactly what I want and not settle. Will you? --- Must Crush Mondays is a NEW Motivation series every Monday early morning to get your day and week pumped. Don't be scared of Mondays, Embrace Mondays. Watch This Video on Youtube: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: