July 15, 2018

UP #32 What is Reiki and How Energy Can Help You Heal By Rachida Douglas

UP #32 What is Reiki and How Energy Can Help You Heal By Rachida Douglas

 Rachida Douglas speaks about her choice of path and ambition in education. She expresses her mission in life and how her path have led her to healing through Rei Ki. She breaks down the meaning of Rei Ki and discuses the crown chakra and it’s significance. Rachida Douglas discusses the 

7 Aura Layers in Reiki. The aura is part of the Universal Energy Field associated with objects. The Human energy Field is part of UEF associated with the human body. Based on their observations, researchers have creates theoretical models that Devine the aura into several layers 


First Level: Etheric 

Second Level: Emotional 

Third Level: Mental Fourth Level: Astral 

Fifth Level: Template 

Sixth Level- Celestal 

Seventh Level:Causal


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