Aug. 26, 2018

UP #40 12 Ways to go from Clutter to Clarity | UPS3E10 David Hall

UP #40 12 Ways to go from Clutter to Clarity | UPS3E10 David Hall
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On this week's episode of Unlimited Power, David Hall of A+ Clutter Clearing shares the best tips and tricks to declutter your home, office and transform your life. We discuss the following: David Hall Introduces His Self 1:24 Why Live in a Clear Environment 2:29 Being in control of your home Environment 3:57 David's Hall Childhood and Past 6:28 12 Tips on Decluttering your Home and Office 7:34 Why Start the day with gratitude and kindness 7:50 Keep the Bedroom As a Sanctuary 9:32 Always keep the toilet seat cover down 10:02 Cleaning Kitchen Junk Drawers 10:20 The Psychological effects of Hoarding 11:01 Organizing and Clearing your garage 12:40 Why you shout stop using artificial air fresheners 13:53 Having Living thins in your home 15:36 The importance of Lighting in Your home 15:57 Don't Keep Bags in the kitchen 16:57 How to clear out Your Closet 17:29 The relationship between people and things 19:09 Why you should not put your bed underneath a window 22:39 --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: