Aug. 31, 2018

UP #41 Designing an Optimal Life | Wendi Blum UPS4E1 PART 1

UP #41 Designing an Optimal Life | Wendi Blum UPS4E1 PART 1
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On this episode of Unlimited Power, I bring to you Wendi Blum! Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur Consultant, Designer and MORE! Season 4 Introduction 00:59 A Wendi Blum Introduction 2:08 Writing her first book “What’s your Destiny?” 6:29 Do you think our destiny is Pre-written or do we create it? 7:28 When did you embark in your journey of personal development 10:24 How was the process of undoing the negative programming of your life? 12:05 Do you think we should focus on being or becoming 14:55 Wendi’s Top 3 Tips for Optimal Performance in the Workplace 18:13 * Tip #1: Narrow Focus: Pick one thing that You want to go all in 18:39 * Tip #2 Always think about what’s going in your body 18:39 * Tip #3 Think about everything that comes out of your mouth 19:06 On part 2 of this interview 19:30 — Wendi Blum worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years until (at age 45) felt a calling to completely change every aspect of her life. After two decades in a successful

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