Nov. 1, 2018

UP #44 How to Create Your Healthy Life | Kery Knutson UPS4E4

UP #44 How to Create Your Healthy Life | Kery Knutson UPS4E4
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How to Create Your Healthy Life | UPS4E4 How’s it going powerful people! Today I have the pleasure of bringing to you Kery Knutson, wellness coach, author and founder of Your Health Path Coaching to share some tips about achieving your best health. She discuses her new book, Create Your Healthy Life, which lays out 9 weeks of steps that address mind scripts to help create a healthier lifestyle and avoiding noise in the health space. Watch Video Version: Key Knutson Self-Introduction 3:00 What is your main desire with Wellness Coaching 5:44 Who did You write your book for? 9:32 What are some tools to help people get healthier? 10:05 Kery’s Top favorite books 10:45 Kery’s Morning Routine 14:24 How Important is Gratitude on Life? 16:18 How important is self-awareness and how do you practice it? 17:45 Kery’s New book: Create Your Healthy Life 19:37 Nutrition Myths to be Aware of 20:51 Principles Discussed in “Create your Healthy Life” 21:36 What are some self-destructive habits that you endured and Overcame? 23:19 Kery’s top 5 Tips Pst Optimal Health 25:34 — Kery Knutson is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, certified Wellcoach®, certified registered yoga teacher and has a Master of Arts in Communication (from FAU). After 14 years in communication careers she made a big pivot into entrepreneurship with, offering virtual wellness coaching to get her clients healthy habits that stick. Kery specializes in coaching clients through uncovering blocks and creating a road map to a life full of vitality. She’s excited to bring her wellness expertise into back to the corporate sphere with corporate wellness programs as well. Website: Facebook : Instagram: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: