March 5, 2019

UP #50 Mother-Daughter entrepreneurs turn their passion into a Online Zen Shop on Shopify | Samantha and Tristina | UPS4E10

UP #50 Mother-Daughter entrepreneurs turn their passion into a Online Zen Shop on Shopify | Samantha and Tristina | UPS4E10
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Hello Powerful People, I am happy to bring to you a mother-daughter team Samantha Skye and Tristina Dietz-Elmes who are searching the globe for exciting new healthy living and yoga-inspired goods to share with ecstatic customers. They share with us the true reason behind why they chose to open an online Zen Shop and share a little bit of their personality, wisdom, and stories with us. So  be sure to check it out!

Here’s an outline of what to expect:

Sneak Peak

Self Introductions 

Essential oils and their benefits 

What makes you alive and why do you do this? 

What was the process of starting an online store? 

Where did the Name Namaste Golden come from? 

What does being zen mean to you? 

Tristina’s Abstract Art and Asian Fusion Graffiti  

How does being entrepreneur like being an artist? 

How has the dynamic between you and your mother help with starting a business? 

Balancing being present and sharing with others on social media 

Speaker your customer’s language through the brand’s voice 

How we are multidimensional beings 

What does it mean to charge your battery? 

Right Brain Vs. Left Brain 

How to take a vacation everyday 

Burnouts and dealing with them 

Samantha’s Chanting meditation for self-care 

Final Messages Show Closing and Ed’s Final Message 

Who is Samantha Skye?


Actress, Social Media Influencer

Founder of Floating Zen Shop Namaste Golden )

Who is Tristina Dietz-Elmes


Abstract Artist, Author and Teacher

Co-Founder of Namaste Golden

See her Art:


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Who is Edouard Gilles?


A passionate motivational speaker who aims to empower millennials to embark life with a holistic paradigm by sharing personal development principles and wellness counseling to audiences so that various aspects of health can be improved. He serves as the host of the Unlimited Power Show, a personal development show that serves an educational platform for mental, physical and mental health. His mission which is to empower, motivate and uplift individuals to achieve a whole mind, body and nutrition.

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