March 8, 2019

UP #51 Working Backwards From the End Goal | Jo Ellen Newman on Unlimited Power Show

UP #51 Working Backwards From the End Goal | Jo Ellen Newman on Unlimited Power Show

Hello powerful people! Thanks for tuning into a new episode of the Unlimited Power show as we discuss ways you can fill the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Coach Jo Ellen Newman is here to share some information with you to help with that. — Where are you at right now? How much money do you have in the bank that you're bringing in from your business? What do you want to grow to? We want to measure that gap but we want to measure what tools do you have in place to help you succeed through that gap, it's a path. So those are assessing what you've got now and then looking at what can you bring in to enhance what you're already doing. So if you're doing all these things and working really hard, are you living in Joy while you’re doing them? Do you feel like you're swimming upstream or do you feel like you can let go of the paddle and just go downstream, you're putting in the time. So you wanna start with the end goal in mind and work backward. So everything you do day by day takes you to the end goal but if you help fill in the gap for me as one who wants to coach you. What is your end vision where do you want to be? 


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Here’s an overview of the show:

 00:00 - Show Preview

 2:32 - Jo Ellen Self-Introduction 

7:30 -How a transformational coach can help you as an entrepreneur

 10:16 - How entrepreneurs waste time on Social Media

 11:32 - Looking at the Left and Right Brain 

13:27 - Does oracle cards give you answers? 

15:56 - How do we balance logic with intuition and emotions 

20:48 - Jo Ellen’s top tips to making a drastic change 

26:42 - What is energy? 

29:42- Is What we know more important than what we feel 

32:11 Are we freethinking beings, how do we know we’re not headed the wrong direction? 

36:43 Jo Ellen’s Final Message 

34:47 How to contact Jo Ellen Newman

 Who is Coach Jo Ellen Newman? Jo Ellen is a multi-certified life and business coach who specializes in using a logical and mindfulness 12-step program. This whole brain approach was developed from her substantive and multi-faceted business background along with her training in Law of Attraction, Infinite Possibilities, and metaphysics. Jo Ellen has served in influential, respected leadership roles in corporate healthcare based on her business acumen and strong people skills. Her experience as an international traveler and expatriate has only enhanced her global perspective in coaching. She turned to her boutique consultancy coaching business to focus on businesses needing improvements in staff engagement; strategic planning and leadership development. Using her unique logical and mindfulness 12-step program she is able to create new neural pathways that create impactful change in areas such as improved communication, team work ethos, stress reduction and financial results. Her 12-step program gives you a GPS system that is set to your company’s desired outcome. Jo Ellen and her team helps shape the future of your business for tomorrow. Facebook: Instagram: Web: — 

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