April 5, 2019

UP #53 | 26 Year Old Entrepreneur launches Zavies fragrance Brand | Darryl Simpson on Unlimited Power Show UPS5E3

UP #53 | 26 Year Old Entrepreneur launches Zavies fragrance Brand | Darryl Simpson on Unlimited Power Show UPS5E3

Hello Powerful People, Another week to get excited to discover your passion and chase it! I introduce to you, Darryl Simpson, founder of Zavies, an affordable luxury cologne brand that he launched from the ground up within a year. Many people may think it's difficult to launch a cologne or perfume, I'm not saying it is easy but Darryl shows us it's possible to turn your ideas to reality. It takes deliberate action, persistence, and execution. This is Darryl's story.

Watch on youtube instead: https://youtu.be/3Rqs1lqj_xM



3:55 Do you learn more on youtube or in school?

4:25 How did you make connections in college?

4:57 What are some like-minded people that have helped you during your journey?

6:25 What is your definition of a successful entrepreneur

8:09 How to execute on your business idea

10:17 The Birth of Xavies

15:21 Picking the starting point for a larger vision

16:10 How to brand and market your fragrance line

18:49 What goes into making a cologne?

20:18 How long is the production cycle for men’s cologne?

23:11 Principles and values Darryl Lives by

24:28 How to overcome defeat 

26:18 Darryl’s Final Message

27:18 The Plug-in: How to connect with Darryl

Who is Darryl Simpson?

Darryl Simpson is a 26yr old business man from pompano beach fl. I’m a FAU and NSU alumni. I’m an inventor and proprietor of a Utility Patent and the CEO and Founder of Zavies Inc.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/zaviesofficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zaviesinc/  Web: http://www.zavies.com

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