April 12, 2019

UP #54 A mental health conversation With Sam King | Unlimited Power Show S5E4

UP #54 A mental health conversation With Sam King | Unlimited Power Show S5E4
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Hello Powerful People! Today, I bring to you Samuel King, a licensed clinical social worker who believes in the power of positivity. On this episode, we discuss mental health, mindfulness, overcoming challenges and growing as beings.

Here’s an Overview

0:00 Introduction to the Unlimited Power Show

3:16 What’s the difference between the body and the being?

4:38 How does It fee when someone thanks you?

5:27 How do you help people as a licensed Clinical Social Worker?

5:51 What’s the difference between Challenges Vs. Problems?

8:39 Why is mental illness such a big issue?

10:07 Mental heath buzz words everyone should know

12:39 Is helping others a form of distracting self from pain?

13:36 Are human beings focused on attractions or distractions?

14:41 What is mindfulness?

15:56 The power of positivity

16:36 Sam King early life and main motivation

26:52 What was your anchor during your time in the military?

29:17 How do we let go of people?

31:42 Dd you believe in God?

35:13 Do you believe in Goof or bad or is everything negative or positive?

36:24 How do we effectively Communicate?

40:34 Can emotions be negative and how does it lead to mental illness?

42:40 Sam King’s Final Message

Who is Sam King?

Sam is enthusiastic about helping people to improve their lives, by making positive choices, while improving their positive practice of being most present. He spent almost a decade of combined service, in the United States Marine Corps, and United States Army ; training, mentoring, and counseling, and, offers this experience towards understanding and serving people, he defended abroad, in the United States, and also around the world.

Sam believes that helping people through active listening, positive reflection, and positive suggestions, can help them realize more positives in their lives, while utilizing their strengths, and support from family and friends, to overcome challenges they face, in their daily lives. He is driven by the notion that the joy of helping others, is the joy of helping ourselves. Sam’s message through the aforementioned is to help people, who in turn help others – by sharing and caring – in positive reciprocating helping relationships.

Sam has worked extensively with middle school children, adolescents, and adults challenged by substance dependence and mental illnesses. Sam was conferred a bachelor’s of science degree in social psychology from a Park University, a master of science degree in industrial organizational psychology from Capella University, and a master’s degree in social work from Florida International University. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Florida, and a practitioner of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), mostly with military veterans, and clients who experienced varied trauma. Sam is currently working towards a Doctoral degree in Social Work. Sam believes that people can, through willingness and acceptance, be guided to increase their positive self-determination; through kindness, positive suggestions, unconditional positive regard, and evidence-based best practices, to help them positively enhance their lives.


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