May 21, 2019

UP #56 I teach People How to Live a Well-Balanced Life With Hernold Michel | Unlimited Power Show S5E6

UP #56 I teach People How to Live a Well-Balanced Life With Hernold Michel | Unlimited Power Show S5E6
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Hello Powerful People, thanks for coming back to tap into your Unlimited Power. On this episode, I spoke With Hernold Michel who shares a lot about his transition from Haiti to the United States, how he turned his life around from being with a lot of women to empowering people in his community, we also discuss how he almost faced time in prison for a crime he didn’t commit because of his associations. Now, He has evolved into a Christian with a mission; he has founded an organization: Mr.Nold’s Organization to teach people different areas of health, finance, relationship, spirituality. 

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Here’s what we discussed:

0:00 Hear My Cry Video Preview

3:10 Self-Introduction

3:57 Starting the Mr. Nold’s Organization

3:59 Transitioning from Haitian to American Culture

5:48 Studying Culture in the United States

7:52 Do Haitians Have all the Same values?

8:54 The different meanings of hard work between old and new generations of Haitians

10:37 Did your parents ever doubt your dreams

14:01 When is it time to Leave home and go to college?

16:45 I almost went to Jail for a crime I didn’t commit

21:11 Choosing the right circle of friends

22:25 What is the Mr. Nolds Organization

24:15 Reading book reviews and the Bible for Personal development

27:59 The two sides of the Gospel of God

31:49 Why Haitians wake up at 5 AM

34:00 I use to dog women and I was crying inside

44:26 Hernold’s Final Message: The difference between a Goal and a Dream

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Here’s More information on Hernold Michel, a Non-Profit Organization founder in Miami:

My name is Hernold Michel I am the founder of Mr.Nolds Organization. I am originally from Haiti, I came to the U.S at the age of 8 years old. from an early age I was interested in business. I have been on this journey of educating myself in those areas for about 5 years now. while this was going on in 2014 i was inspired to began a movement called Hear My Cry. This movement mission is to help change the perception of people from what is wrong with you to what happen to you. Not judging someone before getting to know them. The movement was released in 2017 with a mini 6 minute film.That is what lead to starting the Mr. Nolds Organization where we teach young men and women how to live a well balance life by teaching them finance, health, relationship, and spiritually. I have been blessed to do business and life consulting, while investing in the stock market, Realestate market.

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