June 4, 2019

UP #57 I Almost got Shot By a Cop So I started BATM to Empower Black People Mckenzy Valentin UPS5E7

UP #57 I Almost got Shot By a Cop So I started BATM to Empower Black People Mckenzy Valentin UPS5E7
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Imagine being outside, playing with your friends and police cars show up. You run away out fear and the police officer points a gun in your face threatening to shoot you, what should you do?


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Hello powerful people, thank you for tuning in to another episode on the Unlimited Power Show as I introduce you to McKenzy Valentin as he shares some of the stereotypes, prejudices, and misfortunes he endured as a young black Haitian Male growing up in Miami Florida. His early negative encounter with the police led him to start the "Become a Threat Movement”.

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Here’s What we Discussed:

6:30 How’s it Like Growing Up Haitian?

8:40 Is all Blackness the Same?

10:05 Do you feel like the cases have been stacked against you?

11:44 Tell me about a time you experienced prejudice

13:20 Why do we judge our own Kind?

15:17 What do you believe in?

16:09 What Led you to start the Become A Threat Movement

19:32 Why is it important to share your background and story?

21:19 Getting a gun pointed on me at 11 years old by a cop for playing outside

24:16 Not Talking about Traumatic Experiences

26:24 Did you feel you were perceived as a threat your entire life?

28:09 What did you wish you know back then that you know now?

28:21 Answer: It’s Ok to Be Emotional

30:40 Answer: Don’t Blame Yourself

32:18 How does writing poetry help you grow?

37:38 Hitler and Jesus Tendencies

39:20 How was your environment like growing up

44:20 Facing homelessness and tough upbringing

48:40 Final Message


Here’s What McKenzy is all about:

Born & raised in Miami, I've worked in various organizations dedicated to helping others(City Year, Florida Reading Corps). Watching my parents hustle for everything they had influenced me to always work even when nothing else works. Most recently, I work as an Account Manager for a new Company dedicated to helping people find jobs. My goal is for Become A Threat to collaborate with various organizations in South Florida, possibly creating an interdependent network.

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