June 18, 2019

UP #59 I Gave up my Law Degree To Create a Platform For Haitian Women Entrepreneurs | Anne-Marie Rene

UP #59 I Gave up my Law Degree To Create a Platform For Haitian Women Entrepreneurs | Anne-Marie Rene
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Hello powerful people, here at the Unlimited Power Show, we believe in raising consciousness and one way we do that is by showcasing people who are living a purpose driven life through a business, idea or profession. On this episode, we feature a producer, photographer, content creator and entrepreneur, Anne-Marie Rene (@ms.eneramc ). She talks about her process, her lessons in life so far and her process of launching her very own talk show (@belfanminc ).

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What we discussed:

0:00 Show Preview

2:21 Ed Introduces the Show

3:13 Anne-Marie Rene’s Self Introduction

4:35 What did you want to be as a kid?

6:42 How your parent profession affects your mindset

8:10 What is your mission in life?

9:59 How whatever you do can have an effect on politics

11:52 Starting a black history class in high school

16:17 Choosing a passion over a profession

21:26 The feeling of fulfillment when you chase your passion

23:33 What led you to believe that you can start your own show?

25:37 Ed: How the Unlimited Power Show Got Started

27:36 How Anne-Marie Started Fanm Kreyol Takeover Talk Show

29:18 Ed Talks about the reticular activating system of the mind

30:43 The importance of journaling

35:43 Anne-Marie: How it feels when my photography goes viral and impact others

36:14 How do you help people build their brand?

38:56 What do you want people to remember you for when you die?

43:31 Anne-Marie shares what pushes her to grow

46:11 Anne-Marie Rene’s Final Message

47:33 Ed’s Closing remark

Who isAnne-Marie Rene?

My name is Anne Marie C. Rene and I am a creative director, producer, and photographer. I am the founder of Ener AMC photography and Bel Fanm INC. I like to call myself a creator because I have no limit with my ability to create when it comes to visual arts, writing, and music. I have a passion for creating work that tells a story and reflects the true beauty I believe lies in the individuals that I work with and I also have a passion of bringing others together to create amazing events & projects that inspire and empower the community and creatives around me. 

What is theUnlimited Power Show?

A personal development talk show that serves as an educational platform, featuring millennial entrepreneurs and self-improvement segments. The Unlimited Power Show is a go-to for mental, physical and spiritual health. The concept of this show is matchmaking millennials seeking for answers with people who experienced a similar issue or is professional that can help them with such issue.


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