July 18, 2019

#UP 60 I didn't Like Kids, Now I educate them to Become Legends | Martesha Collins On Unlimited Power Show

#UP 60 I didn't Like Kids, Now I educate them to Become Legends | Martesha Collins On Unlimited Power Show
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When Martesha was in college, she initially wanted to be a television anchor. As she studied journalism, she realized that it wasn’t what she really wanted to do. So she changed her focus to becoming a social worker, which led her to starting a back to school drive for kids who didn’t have the means in Miami. Although at the time, her family members, friends and even herself thought she didn’t “like kids”, she ended up starting an organization to educate kids and empower them to become legends. 


Here’s What We Discussed:

[2:36] Martesha Self-Introduction

[4:19] Why Martesha started her Non-Profit “Legend in the Making”

[ 6:40 ] First reaction when starting non-profit

[10:14] How does legend in the making outreach help the youth in Miami?

[ 3:10 ] The business of Raising Consciousness

[15:04] A moment of Self-Doubt

[18:06] Edouard: You have to grow to a new level

[19:56] Dealing with the Issue of not being present

[21:26] Practice to handle stress

[23:43] Ed: Burning out and its effects on business relationships

[26:07] Lessons from losses

[27:25] Does guilt play in role in keeping you in those negative thoughts

[29:12] Ed:Confidence and the imposter syndrome

[30:43] Martesha’s 5 Year Vision Statement

[33:58] Martesha’s Morning Routine

[35:17] Ed: Facts Repeated Every Day Becomes truth

[39:25] What do you do for your personal growth and development?

[46:01] Martesha’s Final message


Who is Martesha Collins?

Martesha D. Collins is CEO/Founder of Legend In The Making Community Outreach, Inc. She currently holds two Bachelor's degrees, while working on her Master's in Social Work and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is a public speaker who uses her passion to assist those around her in reaching their goals and breaking the cycle of poverty in their lives.


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