July 23, 2019

UP #61 You Can't Just Pray Away Your Mental Health Issues But It's a Start | Dr. Nadine Dorcely

UP #61 You Can't Just Pray Away Your Mental Health Issues But It's a Start | Dr. Nadine Dorcely
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Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts? Are you seeking for ways to escape these emotional estates and gain back control of your life? You came to the right episode! Dr. Nadine Dorcely converges spirituality, mentality and physically into a holistic approach to help you navigate through your mental fog and create a sense of clarity in your mind.


Who is Dr. Nadine?

Dr. Nadine is a Psychotherapist, a mother and an ordained Chaplain. She loves life and love to serve and to help fellow humans through her practice and Ministry.

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On This Episode, We Discuss:

0:00 Word On the Street: What people think about seeking therapy

[1:44] Show Introduction

[2:14] Dr.Nadine’s Self-Introduction

[4:10] Dr. Nadine's Work as a psychotherapist

[5:54] What is mental and spiritual health?

[8:34] How do we understand what's going on with us?

[12:33] Reconnecting with yourself during anxiety, depression, and heartbreak.

[13:43] The power of I AM and connecting to God

[16:21] All human beings are spiritual beings

[18:04]Mental health being classified as spirits in the black community

[23:26] We carry the DNA of God

[24;17] Ed: The Spirit of Creation that we have as Humans

[25:15] Why you should use all your gifts and talents

[29:23] Common stories from therapy sessions

[31:54] The correlation between grief and breakups

[34:41] The importance of the love of parents on a child's mental health

[36:21] 3 things parents should do to ensure your child has a healthy mind

[39:22]When do you know it’s time to seek therapy for you or your kids?

[40:27] Ed: Realizing a year later that I was depressed

[41:30] Why its important to know yourself

[43:34] Mental shifts and self affirmations to kick anxiety, worry and depression

[44:45] Seeking help from a mental health professional or church

[47:46] Dr. Nadine's Plug in- How to connect with Dr.Nadine

[48:20] Final Message

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