July 30, 2019

UP #62 I use to be suicidal, Now I empower young black girls to see their beauty | Mara-Joanne Derinor

UP #62 I use to be suicidal, Now I empower young black girls to see their beauty | Mara-Joanne Derinor
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In the midst of your own darkness and insecurities, God secures your light through your willing to share it. Belle-la-Poet (@belle_la_poet) is a writer, poet, dancer and nurse who is passionate about empowering the world through her art, especially young black girls who fail to see role models like Mara-Joanne. This positive energy-filled interview shares a piece of that passion. 

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Here’s an overview:

[3:13] Mara's self Introduction

[4:38] Were you this talented as a kid?

[6:17] How do you feel when it's time to write?

[8:30] Why Mara-Joanne wrote her first book

[9:31] "Why did God Hate so much that he made me black?"

[12:38] How seeing your race on books inspires you

[14:00] How did you start to recognize your self worth?

[16:15] When did you start believing in yourself?

[18:19] People telling you you're not good enough and overcoming that negative belief

[22:11] Why are you still a nurse when you have so much going for you?

[26:02 Getting a dance scholarship

[26:02] Getting a dance scholarship

[29:21] Starting Dance Therapy classes

[35:29] Dark moments of depression and suicidal thoughts

[37:32] Growing up in domestically violent home

[38:38] Moment I recognize the darkness and depression

[41:54] How your mind works against you

[45:51] How God delivered me from mental health suicidal bondage

[49:49] Final Message

Who isMara-Joanne Derinor?


Mara-Joanne Derinor, also known as Belle La Poet, is a Haitian-American poet, writer, song-writer, dancer, director, and choreographer. She completed her Bachelor’s in Nursing and Dance at Barry University. She is currently a Registered Nurse. She is recognized by many for her hard work. Her poetry and flash fiction has been recognized and published in Barry University’s Newspaper. Two of her poems written about the history and culture of Haiti titled “A People” and “Unity” were both published by Haiti: Then and Now” (HTN) in 2017. Her poem “The Last Dance” and her choreographed ballet piece were featured in Indian River State College’s Dance Ensemble January 2018. Her poetry, visual art projects, songs, and short films are all creative masterpieces put together to raise awareness on different social issues such as anxiety and depression, domestic violence, social injustice, Black Lives Matter Movement, self-esteem, and self-love.  

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