Aug. 27, 2019

UP #64 From Hitting Rock Bottom to Starting a Talent Agency for Youth in South Florida | Shenae Hudson

UP #64 From Hitting Rock Bottom to Starting a Talent Agency for Youth in South Florida | Shenae Hudson

Hello Powerful people! Today I bring to you, Shenae Hudson and she shares her story of hitting rock bottom and using that as inspiration to build her elite talent and performing arts agency, Aspire to Inspire Agency, located in South Florida that provides on-site studio classes as well as mobile classes such dance, music, voice, theater, modeling classes fused with personal development classes. 

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Here’s What We Discussed:

00:00] Show Preview

3:06 Shenae’s Self Introduction

3:43 What are most passionate about?

4:37 What does it mean to be inspired?

5:38 A time of inspiration for Shenae

8:17 Losing everything and growing through dark times

10:46 How dis you feel when you lost everything?

11:43 What did you do to affirm yourself through dark times?

12:59 Action steps Shenae took to grow

14:01 What are the stepping stones that got you to the level you are now?

15:52 How did you learn to host and organize events?

18:11 Commercial Break

22:04 What do you want the world to say about you when you've departed?

23:00 Shenae’s 5-year vision

23:57 Shenae on Self-Love and Self-Actualization

25:48 Shenae Hudson on the importance of mindset

27:31 Feeling like you're not good enough and overcoming self-doubt

31:31 Shenae talks about the fear of not living to full potential

33:55 What are some ways we can overcome fear?

35:58 Shenae's Special Connection to Children

38:05 Commercial Break

41:48 Finding funding for your non-profit

44:51 Aspire to inspire agency upcoming  events and partnerships


Who is Shenae Hudson?

I have worked in with youth for over 12 years and has been in the entertainment industry for most of my life. I have always felt like I had a special gift of teaching and a way how to connect with children in ways others may not be able to. My performing arts and talent agency Aspire to Inspire Agency provides classes and training for youth interested in the arts. I believe that while that training is imperative more importantly personal development is most valuable. I pride myself in helping others and being a voice in the community for young people. I am a part of the urban league and the black chamber of Commerce and I am working on being more active with the school board of Broward County in order to help more children. I am passionate about leaving behind a legacy of love and inspiration to my children and all those who have encountered me.

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