Sept. 18, 2019

UP #65 Mental Health Advice, What You Should Know About Therapy | Mathew Jean on Unlimited Power Show

UP #65 Mental Health Advice, What You Should Know About Therapy | Mathew Jean on Unlimited Power Show
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Good Afternoon Powerful People! Please allow me to introduce to you Mathew Jean, a Licensed Family and Marriage therapist who is passionate about reducing the stigma around mental health especially when it comes to black men and athletes.

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Here’s what we discussed:

[00:54] - Matthew Jean’s Self Introduction

[3:40] -The first time Matthew heard the phrase Mental Health

[4:46]-Mathew Explain's Pavlov's Learned Helplessness

[7:40]-How did people respond to you as a young, black male therapist?

[10:12]-Breaking stereotypes about how a therapist should look like

[11:17]-Why is important to know help is possible before help can be received

[13:26]-How to create a peaceful environment within yourself

[14:33]-Which thoughts should we trust and which one we should not trust?

[16:47]-How can we recognize when we face "Learned Helplessness"?

[19:20]-How does self-confidence and self-image correlate with the state of Mental Health

[22:04] -The effects of Stress on Mental Health

[23:18] -Looking at your self through a holistic lens

[26:47] -Your Mental Sate when you Love your job Vs. When you Hate it

[31:26] -What is Sober Words and reducing stigma around Drug and alcohol abuse

[41:43] -Matthew Jean's Hip Hop and Therapy

[46:27] -How to talk to someone who needs your help in desperate times

[47:57] -Matthew's Final Message

Who isMathew Jean?

Mathew Jean is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a visionary poised to take up the cause of mental health issues in today's society. Currently, Mathew serves his community through his private practice Beach Stone Counseling, The Go To Therapists and Sober Words, an apparel company fighting the stigma associated with substance use. Each endeavor sprung from the birthplace of passion and desire to serve those in need. In college, he volunteered at elementary, middle and high schools, juvenile centers and men’s prisons in Florida and Alabama. In 2010, he provided grief counseling to the victims of the tragic earthquake in his parent’s native home of Haiti.  As a public speaker, he inspires and motivates others to value their family life and embrace their roles in the family system. His life work is to advocate for those who suffer from mental illness and mental health issues by bringing awareness to the local communities of South Florida.

What is theUnlimited Power Show?

A personal development talk show that serves as an educational platform, featuring millennial entrepreneurs and self-improvement segments. The Unlimited Power Show is a go-to for mental, physical and spiritual health. The concept of this show is matchmaking millennials seeking answers with people who experienced a similar issue or is professional that can help them with such issue.

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