Sept. 26, 2019

UP #66 I AM Affirmations to go from Depressed to In-Powered | Nikkie Pryce on Unlimited Power Show

UP #66 I AM Affirmations to go from Depressed to In-Powered | Nikkie Pryce on Unlimited Power Show
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Hello Powerful People! Nikkie Pryce stops by and talks about why she felt something was missing when she was financially successful but broken and depressed. She shares what turned her life around to empower women to step into their power and create their best lives.

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Here’s what we discussed:

[0:00] Show Teaser

[2:57] Nikkie’s Self Introduction

[4:15] Growing as a Women’s Empowerment Speaker

[5:51] Transformational Moments

[7:40] How would you define being a woman?

[9:39] What does it mean to be empowered?

[9:43] The In-Powered Woman Book Announcement

[12:13] Who are you? What is I?

[16:53] Why everything is in the Bible.

[19:38] Spirituality is connection and communication

[21:43] How do you balance learning new spiritual concepts while keeping your faith?

[27:16] How do we plug into our inner power to surpass tough times?

[29:21] How to deal with negative relationships

[35:53] What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

[35:02] Starting the I AM Community

[36:26] Nikkie Pryce: Writing my first book in 30 Days.

[38:04] Nikkie Pryce: Losing My Mom to Cancer

[42:01] What’s pulling you towards the future?

[44:21] What do you want to be remembered for?

[46:55] Nikkie’s Plug In

[49:25] Nikkie’s Final Message

Who isNikkie Pryce?

Nikkie Pryce also is known as the “self-love influencer”, best selling author and prominent women's' empowerment speaker & coach is a global force to be reckoned with. With a strong focus on inspiring and motivating women to put action behind their dreams, Nikkie is the Founder and Leader of I AM Community, a women’s empowerment organization that has helped thousands of women improve their mental health wellness, self-esteem, and self-confidence through IAM affirmations. Having spoken and taught her signature Self-Love workshop for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and Miami Heat Dancers, Nikkie is a certified Health Minister who is equipped to coach and teach health and mental wellness strategies in communities and congregations.

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