Oct. 3, 2019

UP #67 How to survive the genocide by diet and epidemic of mental illness | Dr. George X. Love

UP #67 How to survive the genocide by diet and epidemic of mental illness | Dr. George X. Love
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Hello powerful people! Dr. George Xavier stops by again to share some amazing insight into holistic health management and shares some health information that can change your life!

Here's what we discussed:

[1:31] Dr. Love’s Self-Introduction

[2:32] How do people receive your teachings and how do you teach?

[5:25] How to upgrade emotionally

[8:10] How to identify subconscious scripts

[11:47] Why finding one health-conscious friend can help you change your life

[12:53] Egyptian sleep programming to reprogram the subconscious mind

[15:40] How do we raise our vibrations, Aura and Frequency

[17:07] Meditation to raise vibrations

[18:44] How to raise your vibration with living foods

[22:10] Why you should put fun first

[23:53] If you're not physically well, you're mentally ill

[28:11] Historically, 50 % of all children die before they're 5 years old

[28:51] Passed down Family Habits

[31:18] The homeless person who never got speak

[35:48] The innate desire to be in control

[37:17] Brain chemicals that affect our behavior and decision making

[38:58] What is the amygdala hijack?

[41:22] What part of the brain helps us make choices

[43:00] What is mindfulness?

[47:18] Advice for millennials seeking for wisdom and knowledge

[49:29] Closing Message

Who is Dr. George Love?

Dr. George Love, Jr., Doctor of Oriental Medicine and President of Blue Dragon Qigong Academy, is a Florida licensed primary care physician and Board-certified Acupuncture physician since 1986. He has engaged in the private practice of Herbology, Acupuncture, and Nutrition since January 1981. Dr. Love received a Bachelor of Arts 1966 and Masters In Biology degree from Temple University 1976. In 1982 he received a Ph.D. in Sports Medicine from the American College Sports Medicine.

Learn More: http://lovechinesemedicine.com

What is theUnlimited Power Show?


A personal development talk show that serves as an educational platform, featuring millennial entrepreneurs and self-improvement segments. The Unlimited Power Show is a go-to for mental, physical and spiritual health. The concept of this show is matchmaking millennials seeking answers with people who experienced a similar issue or is professional that can help them with such issue.


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