Nov. 13, 2019

UP #70 Learn Inner World Technology to manage emotions with Akasha Rosewaters

UP #70 Learn Inner World Technology to manage emotions with Akasha Rosewaters
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Akasha Rosewaters shares her views on the emotion of guilt, shame, love, compassion, and happiness. She shares her encounter with meditation and spirituality at a young age and how that led to her becoming an emotional fitness coach and teacher of “inner world technology”.


Here’s what we discussed:

[0:00] Show Preview

[2:57] Akasha Rosewater’s Self-Intro

[4:26] What is EmoFit?

[5:42] What are some experiences that have molded you?

[9:49] How to better communicate with kids

[10:50] How we make our own meanings of experiences

[11:45] Monitoring inner conversation and being in tune

[14:42] The dark side of meditation

[16:59] How to meditate

[21:12] Do you think out of overthinking

[23:16] The Manuel to your inner technology

[25:01] What are some emotions we should be aware of to better our life experience

[25:09] The emotion of Anger

[27:22] The implosion or explosion of Anger

[29:49] Using healthy to create a mission in life

[32:00] How do we deal with the emotion of guilt?

[33:16] Edouard Gilles: How Shame and Guilt Relate

[35:46] How do we practice self-integrity to stick to values and self-compassion when we don't?

[37:29] What does it mean to be happy?

[38:42] Does happiness come and go?

[41:43] The emotion of love

[46:58] Akasha’s final message

[48:50] How to connect with Akasha Rosewaters

[49:23] Ed’s Closing Message

Who isAkasha Rosewaters?

Akasha has over 25 years of experience in Meditation & the Healing Arts. She is a certified Classical Hatha Yoga Instructor with over 300 hours of Yoga education. She has experience in group facilitation, teaching yoga workshops, as well as emotional fitness & meditation circles.

What is theUnlimited Power Show?


A personal development talk show that serves as an educational platform, featuring millennial entrepreneurs and self-improvement segments. The Unlimited Power Show is a go-to for mental, physical and spiritual health. The concept of this show is matchmaking millennials seeking answers with people who experienced a similar issue or is professional that can help them with such an issue.


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