Jan. 8, 2020

UP #71 She Went From Self-Harm to Self-Expression Through Poetry With Annalise Wellman

UP #71 She Went From Self-Harm to Self-Expression Through Poetry With Annalise Wellman

Hey Powerful People! Annalise Wellman, author of the poetry collection book, "The Mess in My Mind" shares her story of how she grew from her mental health challenges and turned her pain into poetry. She urges young women to release their pain in a form of expression suitable to their talents and abilities even if its simple words.

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Here’s what we discussed:

[0:00] I used to Self-harm 

[1:48] Annalise self-introduction

[3:49] What were your releasing through writing?

[5:04] Annalise talks about self-harm and her experience

[6:08] How did you get the courage to share your story?

[9:30] Annalise motivational message to her former self

[10:03] Annalise shares how the book "The mess in My Mind" came about

[11:27] What "A mess in my mind" means.

[12:17] Edouard shares why the mess in our mind is beautiful

[13:53] The Mess in my Mind Poem read by the author

[14:57] Annalise talks about overthinking

[17:54] Annalise shares her self-care practices for better mental health

[20:09] Annalise forecasts her future

[21:28] How to support Annalise

[22:49] Annalise shares Final Message

[24:44] Edouard's Final Message

Who is Annalise Wellman?

My name is Annalise Wellman and I am an 18-year-old Biology major attending FAU. Although I chose Biology as my major, one of my main passions is writing poetry. Strangely enough, my poetry is greatly impacted by my love for science because science helps me look at the world in a way others may not see. I first began writing poetry in 8th grade after reading Maya Angelou's "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings". Then in 10th grade, I began using poetry as my anecdote for my struggles in life. After overcoming those hardships, I realized how important poetry is to society and how well life experiences can be shared through literature. I began volunteering with Lake Worth's Little Free Library and even helped my high school (Park Vista Community High School) sponsor a Little Free Library so that kids that live in Lake Worth and my old school could find a book within "safe and easy walking distance from their house." In 2019, I won The Palm Beach Post's Second Place Pathfinder Award in the field of communications for my poetry book and impact on the community. Now, as I begin new projects, I am constantly mindful that it is my duty to give back to the community that helped foster my love for poetry.

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