Feb. 5, 2020

UP #72 From Juvie Detention Center to Starting a Business & Patented D-Lift | Joshua Bryant

UP #72 From Juvie Detention Center to Starting a Business & Patented D-Lift | Joshua Bryant
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Hey Powerful People! Joshua Bryant, a 20-year-old entrepreneur shares his inspiring story on how a trip to the Juvenile Center changed his perspective and mindset on life. He turned this perspective into a patented product (D-Lift) and shares his story to youth all across the country. He says that there is nothing you do if you put your mind to it and urges young people to listen to their parents, mentors and not hang out with the wrong crowd.

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Here’s what we discussed:

[0:00] Show Preview

[3:26] Joshua talks about his younger self and choices

[4:19] Choices that lead Joshua towards the wrong path

4:54] What happens when you listen to elders and take input from others

[5:30] When Joshua decided to change his life while in the juvenile incarceration system

[6:21] What Joshua did after getting out the juvenile detention center is inspiring

[7:22] Joshua's advice to old friends or people in the juvenile system

[8:43] What Joshua learned after juvenile incarceration

[9:59] What do you want for yourself?

[11:42] Joshua on watching his Kickstarter fail

[13:00] Joshua’s online businesses

[14:02] How Joshua inspires his peers

[15:04] Joshua Bryant Speaking to Juvie detention centers

[18:29] Joshua Bryant asks Edouard Gilles How hard did you work to get to where you are at right now?

[19:36] Joshua’s Last Message

[22:00] Edouard Gilles closing message

Who isJoshua Bryant?

Founder of D-Lift, Patent Holder and Speaker.

I am a young adult who changed my ways for the better. To accomplish what I have so far it took sacrifices. To help others and better myself constantly is my main goal in life now. I am someone who will get to the top no matter what comes in my path.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/Jbryantventures

Web: https://jbryantventures.webs.com/

Email: jbryantventures@gmail.com

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