Dec. 19, 2020

Clearing Clutter to improve your mental health

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Unless we start to clear the clutter in our space, the clutter in our mind will keep recirculating and causing chaos to continue.. Start by clearing your clutter.

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causes you to secrete a hormone called cortisol and if you're really stressed that cortisol hormone is going to cause you to do certain things against your own self so by having clutter in your space you're gonna be you find yourself more stressed and at the same time that you find yourself more stressed you also start to indulge in other things which affects your spleen which affects your liver which then affects your heart so all of this things that we're doing just by clearing off your clutter you can help your heart take a lot of relief so i just said heart and my heart is like okay then so if you're like this right if you find yourself like this throughout the day it means that you're suppressing your lungs and also your heart so if you're angry your shoulder is going to be pulled up and then your hamstrings are going to be tight if you're fearful so you have anger up here and then you have fear in your hamstrings so it's like you're being pulled in two directions and then you have the whole world on your shoulders now you're caving in so this is posture in a space where like it's clogged up so there's a lot on you and you feel pulled so you got to straighten yourself up by straightening the space up it's going to have a lot to do with your mind as well because it's just going to be like a uh clearing out like letting things go okay so by by clearing up your space you're just saying i'm gonna let things go like if you like this all the time and i don't know somebody broke your heart too and you're feeling scared because hey things are crazy and you're like this and your hamstrings are tight pulling you down and your posture is off plus there's a lot of things in your space you can't think right your brain is foggy all of these are signs that we need to start a practice of letting go you know we might have to let go some people some energy and some actual things by tossing some things away so today i'm gonna be hosting a class clearingclutter101 welcome to the holistic motivators live class in my backyard thank you all for being here so clearing clutter 101 first of all we're going to think about everything that brings your energy down so i want you to look at your what's going on in asia so i want you to think about everything in your space that when you look at you just like it brings your energy down it can be a picture it can be um some something you just have like a cabinet drawer something something somebody gave to you a gift you don't even like but you keep the gift because somebody might come around and be like hey where's the gift i gave you so you just kept it but you don't really like it so everything that when you look at that reminds you of someone that drains your energy or that actually drains your energy like a old cabinet and it's just like discolored and you're like hey i want to throw this away okay and maybe you have somebody else living with you and you're like they don't want you to throw it away so because of that you're like you want to throw it away can you and then that causes uh some sort of tension in the relationship and you're like this thing is bringing my energy down so communicate that with the person or just communicate with yourself and make a decision that okay here's what i'm gonna do i'm actually gonna get rid of this thing okay this gift no longer serves me i will get rid of it clear up your space so you can clear up your mind the process of letting go so i said things remind you of people so when you let things go you're also letting the people go so let's say you had a a special relationship and you got a bunch of gifts and some of these gifts are useful to you some of them are just sentimental gifts more like like a note a flyer a paper like that but this person when you think of them does not bring your energy up they actually drain your energy just the thought of them that's the mental clutter that that is attached to physical clutter okay so a thing reminds you of someone so it has a mint it's taking up space in your mind and it's taking up space in your life in your space so some things are taking up both space in your mind and and your space every time you look at it it brings your energy down but you're not conscious of it yet so today i'm just sharing with you a perspective so you can be conscious of it so look at the different things in your space and when you look at them does they do they bring your energy up or do they bring your energy down okay as simple as that and then now can you get rid of them what can you absolutely get rid of today like if you looked at it i can just you know i can get rid of this right now what's in your trash list okay and then next you might be like okay some of these things i can give away are gonna sell them on let go or on ebay so on facebook marketplace so you can look at some of the things around your house and they have value that you can make money off of now you can say okay i'm gonna take these i might just sell these i might just take a picture put it on facebook marketplace and just sell those so that's another way and you're like okay i'm seeing the things i want the things i kind of don't want and then here's the things i absolutely need okay so those things are the ones you're gonna keep and then next not only those are the ones you're gonna keep you're also gonna think about what you wanna add okay so take away and add life take that take the dead thing away and add a live thing to it right so the thing draining your life discard it and then add something to fuel your life right so whatever is draining you discard it and then find something to fuel your life and that can simply be like a plant right or it can be like a nice painting that you want to replace something with or you might want to invest in a different cabinet drawer like you never really thought of it but that old cabinet drawer might be like uh it's not working for me i mean based on your ability to invest in yourself it's something you can you can do you know what i mean so decluttering is not just about decluttering it's also about replacing because sometimes we got to move on from the different things in our space rightfully right and if you got it and if you got it why not invest in yourself you might have like an old chair that's not really helping you right you might say hey you know what i need to replace that i'm gonna give you a quick tip on not only after you declutter your space or just a way to sit so you can be more so your posture can be better and then at the same time that's gonna enhance how you feel okay so basically you would sit on a medicine ball which is a round ball okay you you're gonna find that space where your spine is elongated and then you want the keyboard about where my hand is right now about midline okay so about a little bit lower so they did research on this and then you want to have your monitor a little bit higher about three inch so that way you can be about 30 inch 30 degrees so you can lift your chin up about 30 degrees and look at the monitor so this you see that that's gonna also enhance your vitality so you can replace a chair with a with a medicine ball or not a medicine ball a body ball that they call one of those exercise the big ones so you just sit on that that's improving your posture so decluttering can be throwing some stuff away to make space for some new things okay so it's an it's actually very useful thing you can do so my challenge for you is look at your space and you can start small right you can start in corners like you can start with your desk right you can start by making piles of paper and different in different categories and which ones like that are important not so important important not so important totally trash right everything in the important spot you put them there everything the not so important part those you go back for a second review and everything trash you trash them away so you trash the trash so make sure you keep trashing you don't want to keep the trash in as you clean because then it looks more work and in your mind you're like i have more work to do so it's better to just throw the trash away as you go so now you have less things you can just do a corner you start with your desk you get you put the you put the trash you throw them out and then you could go back to the not so important list and now you can do that in many categories of your room of your space you know what i mean you could go under the bed and be like today's my under the bed decluttering session you go underneath the bed you're gonna make three categories like look at the shoes that you wear all the time the shoes you wear sometimes in the shoes you are never all the time sometime never all the time you already know those shoes you take them you put them in a special category you fix those up the sometimes shoes you keep those deaths that's back for review the never then you make a decision right there and then you really want to empower yourself you aren't going to really make a decision right now the law of diminishing intent says if you don't make a decision now the longer you wait the less likely it is to happen so in that list we say i sometimes never wear these shoes then you have to say okay never what can i do posts facebook marketplace let go on ebay sell them put them on your instagram and just put a price next to it have a black friday shoe sale on friday just write it right and then just okay i can sell some of these or i can donate some of these or i can give this to my sister or i can just toss these right make those decisions put those in different bins so now you're done underneath the bedroom today was the bedroom underneath the bed day right the next day you could find another corner to declutter so when you declutter put some nice music on right or put like a podcast that you like to just stimulate your mind as you declutter it's actually really good this is not i don't know if it's been suggested by psychologists but i would suggest it um a lot of people when you've lost someone and i've lost my grandma this year and we've done a major decluttering um not only have we decluttered our everything has been decluttered because it's a sense of plus it keeps you busy right so if you have a lot on your mind get your hands working by decluttering it could be very therapeutic put some nice music on make it fun right and then so somebody who's grieving by letting go of some of these things it literally frees you so it's like an energetic release right just getting rid of some some of the things in your space is so useful so i found out that we did do a nice declutter and we donated the clothes and we took some stuff out and we all everybody decluttered it was like a a process so you might say hey i have roommates or hey i have a family once you take the initiative what you're going to start is you're going to start a a train when you start that when you take the initiative you i'm gonna declutter my space then you're gonna find out that yo your kids start decluttering cause like there are times where like yo why you got so much stuff but then there's a bunch of stuff in the house think about if you're running a house and then you're always telling your kids to not leave things around right like and but then the house is cluttered in general i mean what do you think the kid is going to be thinking i mean in my in my when i like i was like yo there's like a lot of stuff it's organized and clean but it can be cluttered there's a there's a difference between clean and clutter clean just means everything is clean it's not dirty you're a clean person but you can have a lot of things you know you might just want to hoard or keep things like they have an identity stuck to them and they have a memory so you really want to keep them but when you let them go now you free yourself to get more stuff or other better stuff or less stuff now you're like okay now my space is clearing up my life is kind of like clearing up like feng shui made more millionaires than a lot of other things all i mean by that is people clearing up their space all of a sudden they got more productive better ideas and they're just like nice so if you put some nice music on start cleaning you know after thanksgiving in december make that the release 2020. any energy from 2020 that's stuck in the walls then stuck get rid of them like paint something over it you know get some nice color paint paint over the 2020 uh toss away the dust from 2020 uh get rid of some of the things and anything that reminds you of 20 20 in general just like toss now 2020 could be could have been an empowering year for you as it was for me i think i grew the most this year so don't throw everything away keep the good stuff leave away the the energy draining things because it's really going to change your life because i've been doing this same thing i'm talking about it has changed my life it's a healing process to clean your space now i'm adding plants to my space right essential oils around your change your aroma change your music you know what i mean it's okay to like to turn up it's okay to turn up but sometimes it's oh sometimes it's best to also chill out so sometimes put some really relaxing music on that just gets you in a chill vibe right and then go and then do some cleaning that's part of your right if you got a lot on your mind get your hands working and see what therapy that is that's called clean therapy right some people sometimes get more compulsive with it as well but then there's other ways that you can also achieve peace so you don't have to just claim claim for to get peace right and then it's going to become a habit right i had a bad habit of leaving things around now i develop a really good habit of i wake up first thing i do is i i make my bed i sweep the floor i organize things if there's anything unorganized i make sure like it's reorganized by the morning time so i'm sitting i'm like yo i'm achieving more now than ever like i'm thinking better right i'm giving you my best self because of my space is clean my aura has transformed so your space is going to change your life so it's it's a it's a uh it's a life-changing thing if you feel the weight on the world on your shoulders get rid of the things around you okay so that's the message of the day all right i really wanted to share that with y'all because those are the things has been life so decluttering let's see what else let's keep the class going decluttering 101 you win for treat um i want to make sure that you get everything all right so you don't want to just keep things just in case you know what i mean how many things you have here just in case i needed but have you used it in the last three months in the last six months this is the motivating part of the session have you used your things in the last six months or the last three months so i'm just keeping this just in case just in case of what well just in case okay just in time okay there's a concept in business that's just in time you buy the product right when you need it and you use it just in time saves you less headache logistics becomes easier so just in times means i just get the product right when the customer needs it deliver it to the customer i don't hold all that weight because that's causing friction i have to pay for that i have to pay to have this thing i have to pay to keep it so by just in time when you need it you'll get it again sell it marketplace facebook ebay boom a friend instagram shop you got everything working for you you can make some money off your things get rid of them now you're like okay i don't need it just in case just in time just in time you're going to get better things now now you might say i have an identity stuck to this because i got it from iowa well io is nice but i have no identity stuck to the thing i just use it for its utility not because of its identity because yes this reminds me of a great thing but the memory is in my mind not in the thing so it'll be okay if i throw this away because the memory is in my mind it's not in the thing the thing is just the object so if your identity is tied up in them it's time to re attach to your true identity why would you let your identity be tied up in things your identity should be tied up and your identity your true one so this should not have that much of a significance everything is important but everything is not so important that's what's that's pretty much the cool thing about life so next you might say if i have this i have a status yo this makes me look cool when my friends come around this makes me look cool okay you like status now i want to remind you that you're cool without it you're cool already i like you just the way you are you don't need to like have something to be cool now you still have things to be cool but i'm just saying what's very important is also not important so some of these things you could still sell them because you could get more cool things you know now you can sell old things so you can support your friend and buy her artwork and put it on your wall right by the quotes from the holistic motivator coming soon and put it on your wall get something new open up your space put some affirmations now make your own thing i got a little vision board it's nice it's coming true right i have a vision statement i have affirmations you could put them on your space build your space so when you wake up you get motivated inspired right i curate my motivation some people say hey you naturally motivated no i curated i curate my peace are you naturally peaceful no i curate it as in i do the things that's working for me i go for a run i go for a walk i sit outside i do this right i curate it so you have to curate your piece curate your environment and your status is gonna be you you just walk around and like yo this person's energy is fire i have an energy status right i don't have a i don't have nice cars and crazy things but i have energy status which means when i walk around my energy speaks for me not my things but my energy so have energy status by freeing up your space so your energy can be better now you might say more is better somebody says less is more and then you say hey more is better well i'm not here to say who's right or who's wrong but more takes more management more things more management so do you want to manage things or do you want to manage your life do you want to manage objects or do you want to manage experiences do you want to manage