Dec. 24, 2020

Seasonal Depression and Holiday Blues

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year. If you're like most people with SAD, your symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months, sapping your energy and making you feel moody. Listen for more!

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grand rising keep watching this video thank you all for tuning in today i'm going to be talking about seasonal depression and s-a-d-s-a-d have you noticed that you think about the same thoughts around this around the same time every year that's what i was trying to say do you feel as if you are experiencing the same emotional states during a specific season right let's do a reflection work here so think go back go back go back go back in your mind go back to 2019 december we're going to take a trip down memory lane if that's okay with you so let's go back to december

in december of 2019 how did you experience life so in december of 2019 how did you experience life was it a pleasant experience unpleasant experience you get what i'm saying how did you experience life what did you remember seeing what did you do how did you feel about yourself and the people that supposed to be around you around this time okay so we're really gonna go taking a trip down memory lane how do you feel about the world right did you feel as if the world is ignoring you or did you feel like you're part of the festivities that's happening and then next i want to ask you did you say to yourself i hate the holidays right so did you say to yourself that man i don't like the holidays i want to ask you a question do you do you like or do you dislike the holidays when it when it's christmas time comes around do you feel positive about it or does it just remind you of how lonely things are but we're taking a trip down memory lane so that we can do some self analysis so that we can make the change in our lives so how did you experience last christmas all right today i'm gonna talk about how are you experiencing this season how did you feel hey son how did you feel when you got into it did you get a sense of excitement did you be like man this year i know it's been a rough year but somehow i'm gonna trans translate the roughness into me going much farther so how did you experience december last year in comparison to this year so this is gonna tell you a lot okay so after you've went down memory lane you see how did i experience 2019 december and 2020 december my next question is do you feel as if you have less energy and you feel more moody around this time do you feel like you have less energy and you feel very moody okay are you also sleeping a lot more than often are you sleeping more than often also do you feel as if you have to work more to make up for like you have to work more during this time because you don't even like holidays and you don't like when it disturbs your sense of accomplishing things for yourself and for your business and for your family okay next do you feel as if the experiences you're providing for your family right now with christmas time is enough do you feel like as if what you're doing is enough for your family do you feel like what you're gonna get them the experiences you're going to create is enough or do you feel like it's not do you even want to be around your family around this time right is it is are you looking forward to spending time or are you dreading it does the thought of hanging out with your family bring you joy or does it bring you resentment right we're gonna we're gonna really feel those those emotions right because what what i'm doing right now is i'm asking questions so you can see so you can put the emotions into words which is not going to help a whole lot so here's the thing seasons have memory places have memory by seasons i'm referring to the actual seasons the seasons have memory and you'll be like what do you mean by season have memory well i'm not saying the season itself well the season itself does have memory somehow the world know you know the universe knows the planet knows that what what needs how the seasons change the weather change all different things change so it's when the seasons change the weather change and when i talk about the weather of our lives sometimes our heart can be vital it can be fiery fiery hearts make it through the cold seasons of darkness and depression and by that i mean your heart is vital for the life force energy the color of the heart is red and the element of the heart is fire so when it's like when winter time comes out what affects fire cold water so it's like dropping water on your heart making your heart more cold so when the seasons change the weather change the weather of our lives also change based on the memory we've attached to the season okay let me explain that some more basically around each time around different times there are trends there are trends now mint has something called trends trends are the things that seem to happen constantly every month myth is a budget management software how you spend your money so i looked on my finances and what i realized was that i spend my money or i spend so i spend specific amount of money or i get a specific amount of money they're very there's the choir or the spending of the money the trends seem to have a pattern throughout the years so all what i mean by that is i tend to spend around the same amount each month corresponding to the year before and i tend to have make the most money and have make the less money in the same months so there's a similarity between time and your finances the same way there's a similarity between time and your finances there's a similarity between time and in your emotions so the there is memory in the seasons so let's say last december last december you were sitting in your uh you were all by yourself so i'll tell you a story of mine okay that's the best place i can start so when i spent two chris or yeah i spent two christmases in a dark room in a college by myself right i spent one of them in my car that was the worst and i didn't like i didn't want to talk to nobody i wouldn't even link up with people because i felt like nobody cared about me right i didn't get a calls i didn't get text messages mind you this is what i'm thinking i'm telling you as it as it is i mean i'm like man even my family ain't hit me up right i'm away from home i'm having this i don't want to move back home internal struggle because i'm thinking to myself every time i go home they throw rocks at my dreams tell me how i can't make it and i dreaded going home on christmas while i'm in college i mean isn't that really you might say man why would you why don't you want to go home man why didn't you want to go home well i dreaded the shame or guilt that i would get i dreaded walking to the house and and asking like where's your girlfriend your business finally making money yet uh do you have a girl now well am i gonna get to see your kids i dreaded that right i dreaded the conversation that yo how come uh are you gonna get a job yet ed uh you you still uh pursuing your dreams all right you gonna move home yeah you're gonna stop doing this i just dreaded it right i just i really i really didn't want to go there but i also i desired the love like i wanted i wanted a hug believe it or not right i wanted people to be around me to remind me how much they loved me but i didn't have that i felt so alone right and i found out that there's a trend that there was a it lingered it almost it lingered throughout the years even when the situation wasn't the same it lingered it felt like it was the same so when i left my sis my my current character building challenge i still endured the character building pain i was like uh i thought i left the car i'm no longer sleeping there or i thought i finally i'm getting my life together i'm thinking i'm thinking when i change i i'm thinking when the circumstances change the depressive the anxiety the the sense of being the sense of loneliness i thought all of that would have went away what's going on with this change of circumstance but you know like what i discovered was just because the circumstance change doesn't mean that

messed up my life okay i found out just because the circumstance changed doesn't mean that the memory of the circumstance changed and let me go back and give you the whole science and explain to you the memory of the circumstance well there's a nut okay like a p like little gland uh no the amygdala there we go talk about the amygdala the amygdala is that memory bank right so it literally it knows when the seasons change and what happens is the amygdala remembers your moves it remembers your moods so right when you step into the season the amygdala is already having a set of moods for you to experience now some people have primed their christmas and holiday season to be so awesome that when when holidays come around they get fired up have you ever seen those people those people who are so happy about christmas and if you if you're not a christmas uh uh lover then you probably don't like those people i'm i'm just saying because you they might remind you of what you don't have or is the joy of christmas the christmas spirit so there are some people they have their amygdalin is working for them they actually when they remember christmas they remember like the love that they got and some people when they remember christmas they remember the love they didn't get the love they deserved they deserved but they didn't get but here's the thing it's not that you didn't get the love it could have been the tradition wasn't appreciated you got the love but you didn't get to appreciate you didn't get the experience of christmas and because of that you may have associated the lack of christmas celebration as the lack of love which might not be the case it just might be a cultural thing right i'm i mean i'm from the if i'm from the islands i'm from haiti we celebrate today it'll be vincot venkat this summer right we go cook the feet die we get the we go outside we drumming and having all this fun get the free thai on on on christmas what they call it noel you know that's just the vibes but you might i might haitian might have came to america and i'm like man you know what i don't celebrate this american christmas thing it doesn't mean your family don't love you it just means they have a different idea of what celebrating is so in our minds we don't know that so from a kid perspective the media is building up a narrative and you're watching all these kids getting presents underneath the christmas tree and you're like man how come i never got presents underneath the christmas tree like my parents must not love me that's not the case they probably just didn't have the funds right so all of these things some of them might go as back as three years ago some of them can go back 10 years ago to a conclusion we came to that we didn't question right so unquestioned conclusions become cognitive distortions let's let's write this one down unquestion control they are cognitive distortions coming to a conclusion is a form of distorting thoughts so here's a cognitive distortion that's based on a unquestioned conclusion they're both the same here

i didn't celebrate christmas with my parents so my parents don't love me americans show love based on gifts i didn't get any gifts so nobody appreciates me right so this is the cognitive distortion and then the other thing might be i'm not good because i didn't get gifts because you know how we hear santa claus is going to give you gifts because you're good so that may be you and it may not be you so based on what we expect and what based on what we see this can be bringing about our current experience all right so now let's go to another thing no grief also sticks to time i want you to look at your your breath right now how shallow is your breath and or how deep are you breathing and then i also want you to think some of these thinking might get you in a state of feeling which might be uncomfortable but this is part of the healing process i'm willing to take you there but i'm also willing to empower you out of it so we're gonna go into something that might bring tears or pain but it's gonna be healing we we have to learn to let go and we have to learn to to the life of those who have passed and if you had somebody that would pass the way around this time the thing is we might be experiencing grief without even knowing it so i want you to put your hand on your on your chest where your thymus gland is and i really want you to feel what you're feeling when i just said what i just said okay what are you feeling like who around this time may have departed from your life and feel that feel how that feels and then i want you to have a sense of agape love a sense of letting go a sense of treasuring their lives a sense of moving forward a sense of bringing healing to your heart right all week i've been talking about how to heal these organs right i've been talking about the sounds the breaths because i know what's happening there's a reason why i've been putting out those videos um for the tribe so your your hand is on your chest the heart is working with the lungs the lung is the emotion that's having to deal with grief and joy grief and then the heart has to do with loneliness and love so if this holiday season we don't feel the love and we're missing somebody then our hearts in our lungs is being depleted or the energies are being dispersed or disturbed so what we can do to re-balance or revitalize those organs are movement sound breathing affirmations as you touch i really want you to

all right so as you sit i want you to affirm that this is a new season

so this is what really helped me is the disassociation between last christmas and this christmas this disassociation or

separating this holiday season versus last holiday season consciously what do i mean by consciously like you have to remind yourself i am not repeating the same pain the same season there's different affirmations you can say right for me on my birthday i also had this same cease see sad i i i would think nobody cares about me but i'm like man i pour into people every day i ain't get no gifts this is what i'm thinking right you know this is what your brain thinks this is what you're subconsciously thinking i'm just being aware and open to share it with you but literally it wasn't it was i remember my birthday i'm like man come on bro i'm like why do i do everything if when my birthday comes around i don't get text calls gifts or somebody say hey let me take you out to eat and i guess i've been single for like the last few years so i'm like man around my birthday i usually felt like nobody's celebrating me so this year i'm making it a priority to celebrate my life to celebrate my myself right so i've been working on priming myself my birthday's in february 17 so i've been thinking like yo prime myself like how do i plan how do i get excited for my birthday like how do i create that environment where people can show love like maybe do i need to have like a party or do i need to have a get or have like a holistic retreat i think i should right february 16 to 18 i should do like a whole retreat and have that be my celebrate my birthday celebration right that's something i can do but i was proactive in changing the seasons and changing my reaction to the seasons and i'm just saying that because what i realized was unless we actively decide to change the memory of the season by making a memory by curating a memory by by like realizing we're not stuck to what was in the past then now we can start to change we've got another aquarius here smart lady yup february babies so yeah so if this is happening every season then we can start to prime ourselves out now you might tell me well bro i am not feeling well right now you know i wake up with a lot of pain on my chest pain in my lower back pain in my hamstrings i'm feeling fear i'm feeling sadness my heart hurts my lungs everything feels out of whack right now and you're like yo i didn't get a chance to prepare my mind to consciously fix or organize the distorted thoughts what can i do now that i'm in the season and i'm currently enduring this pain well what can i say well get in touch like get in touch with yourself your spirit and god right get in touch and start to question the truths question the facts is this really the truth right does nobody love me is this really true do nobody do i'm going to ask you do nobody in the world right now you can't think of one person that loves you right i'm really now the answer might not be pleasurable to everybody because you may not be able to think of someone right away but if you go deep deep deep you'll find somebody okay and if you go really really deep you you'll always find somebody because it should be you and if it's not you then we're in the journey of loving ourselves at the end of the day somebody loves you somebody cares for you and somebody wants to hear from you somebody wants your presence around them somebody want to hear your voice so you matter to somebody you matter and if you if you don't matter if you don't think you matter to anybody you matter to me even though we haven't met or i don't really know you on a personal level if you didn't matter to me i wouldn't be doing this video honestly i wouldn't be here so we have to also see is what we're saying about the current state of our lives correct 100 percent and how can we look at the other side right how can we dismantle the belief that nobody cares for us dismantle the belief that this this season brings um sadness into our hearts we can transform that we can transform that now i've shown you the movements i've shown you the breaths and some of you may be like man i didn't get the movements or the breaths well you have to hit me up for that right you got to ask me about it that's what i'm telling you now there are movements there are breaths that will release so much pressure because this is actually stored in your physical body just as much as in your emotional body and then it affects your energy body which throws off your spiritual body so let's embody more and more and more and more of peace and joy love for ourselves and doing the things that's going to help us thrive out of our current mental anguish or sad okay so

i want to ask i want to take in some questions maybe if you have any cut through ask them below other than that i'm going to conclude this now and i want to pre i appreciate you for watching i know something added value to your life today at least one thing added value and if one thing did then that's all that matters okay so once again gratitude for being here uh remember you can actively you can actively carry you could actively breathe the pain out of your your body you can actively massage the pain out of your muscle tissues you can actively move to regulate your energy system that will get you to a vital state of being all right that's what i teach but it depends if you're gonna hit me up about it if you're gonna join the tribe or come to one of the morning resume classes you know there's one thing to have something that can help but it's another thing to actually reach out for it so i have it here if you want it reach out to me send me a dm all right so i want to thank you all for watching thank you for listening have a wonderful rest of your day remember you have the unlimited power within you to evolve to the person you were created to be and no season will break you out of every season there's a reason out of every season there's a reason there's a lesson and there's a pain for us to let go and if the season reminds you of the pain then it means that we haven't let go

and every time that season comes around when we let go then we let god transform us to another dimension so that's what i meant by that i found out that the same thing repeated every single season in every single corresponding year until i learned the lesson and i was wondering i was like why god why didn't you just let me go through at one time i didn't learn the lesson just let me be god why did you have to circle the pain back around to remind me like are are you having fun with me like or is this a joke all right these are questions i actually asked but then i remind god reminded me and i was like this season is not here to break you it's here to teach you something and if you didn't learn the lesson of the season god has it that the season rolls back around continuously until the when the same season comes back around again you're like man i'm experiencing the same challenges but the weather is different or i'm experiencing this i'm seeing the same things but i'm experiencing it different that just means that you've grown um that's just mean that you grow that's my message i'm sticking to it i want to thank you all for being here as the holistic motivator i want to remind you that you have the unlimited power in you to create the person that you want to let your light shine out of you radiate change and impact the world add some life to people's lives and that's really the meaning of life i really really thought it through i mean i all these days i've been thinking about how it's all the matrix nothing is really real everything is happening in the dome and it's it's it's i don't know i might sound crazy now i feel like i'm starting to sound more crazy the more woke i get the more crazier i sound

because i'm like i even looked at business right the most important thing that creates everything around here from the speaker to and i'm like the whole idea of business and branding is to create an ideal in your mind about what you need and what will change your life and what will bring you the status so the whole even idea of business and logistics which creates the society that we know and politics there are things to keep the mind in the track and the more i realized that the more i realized that life is all a mental game it's all a mental game and all the experiences we think we're experiencing from life we're experiencing it in our minds and once we really really tap into that we can transform everything so i don't know like some things are so deep that i can't even explain it that's how deep it is so anyways y'all have a great day i'm rooting for you trust me i'm rooting for you i'm waiting for you to start sharing your life so okay yeah i had a point to make with the idea that we're living in a matrix world okay so what i've discovered nothing else matters but enjoying your current experience being you in the present and then impacting other people's lives nothing else matters because it's all a mental game it's all a mental game you create like people create products to alleviate the external challenges to somehow affect the internal experience of somebody so no matter what you create it's going to be at some point to meet a need of an individual to help them enjoy their lives more so no matter what you do at the end of the day is service that's it i'm like whoa there is no purpose in life but to just create a better experience for yourself and for everybody however your talent allows you to do so right so all these box careers and box lives and box box platforms that put you in a box man it ain't the purpose purpose is impact purpose is progress purpose is really really getting yourself out here so i'm going to head out thank you for watching keep shining your light y'all and drink your vegetable juice man

drink your juice hit me up about the tribe tribe is amazing people who stand the tribe they're gonna have so much peace because they're they're starting their day with priming themselves rather than reacting to life so go to to listen and that way you will get access to the replay of this in fact this episode is going out today because it's necessary for this season gratitude have a great day blessings blessings and love blessings and love blessings and love you get some love you get some love you get some inspiration you get some the trees look my trees are more vibrant i'm speaking life to them my trees are shining better you gotta speak to those trees all right y'all y'all have a good day i'm out