Dec. 26, 2020

#160.2 Ed Talks Give The Gift of You

The most important gift you can give this "holiday" season is the gift of you. You are the gift and your presence, essence  is worth far more than any material object or possessions. 

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grand rising grand rising family thank you for being here once again it's christmas so it's holiday season and all about gift giving right so i wanted to talk to you about the gift of you this is for somebody who's not getting gifts who's not giving gifts i'm just here to remind you that you are a gift right and uh that's why i'm here so i want you to go back to a time in your life where you got your first christmas gift so i like to take people a trip down memory lane and let's do it when did you get your first christmas gift for first gift ever how did you feel right how did that make you feel and then i want you to think about a time where you received no gifts how did that make you feel okay now let's come from memory lane and let's go to right now the race of life the race of now are you giving or are you getting gifts okay are you giving or are you getting gifts and then the third question is are you the gift and here's what i mean sometimes to show appreciation for people we don't always have to give them something we can give them ourselves i'm not saying give them your whole self but i'm just saying we can present a good version of ourselves just have a good experience like when you walk into somebody's space you don't always have to give them money or give them something for you to give like you can give a listening ear so the gift of you isn't necessarily about any materialistic things it's mainly about your presence bringing yourself out here and recognizing that when you walk around you are the gift so you're gonna hear this over and over you are the gift your presence is the gift your kindness and love and your heart and care for people is a gift right i'm blessed that i have some friends who are been a gift to me like the best gifts ever as in like they were there for me they supported me right they they were with me in my toughest moments so they don't need to give me a gift because they're giving me the best gift they can possibly give friendship so the gift of friendship the gift of love the gift of listening to somebody right the gift of sharing your story you are the gift and whether you're giving physical or receiving physical gifts your essence in your presence and your love and your focus is the gift right so that's the that's the basis of the message that's the basis of the message and then the next thing is