Jan. 15, 2019

UP #48 | What it Takes to Lead others and Yourself With Jeff Noel | UPS4E8

UP #48 | What it Takes to Lead others and Yourself With Jeff Noel | UPS4E8
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A few weeks ago , I introduced to you Jeff Noel and Now Part 2 is now available to watch. As Jeff answers a few questions, you can clearly see the correlation between mindset and leadership. Not simply the leading others but leading one’s self. Tune In to hear Jeff answers the following:


How to become a leader in College? 4:04

How did you build a team as a leader 7:27

Why Didn’t Join a gang instead? 9:36

Does your Blackness Hinder you ? 12:32

Have you ever experienced a mental block? 15:07

What advice would you give a 5 year old? 19:18

How do we truly believe that we are kings and Queens? 22:48

The Lane program Founded by Jeff Noel 25:49

Jeff’s Final Message 27:12

WATCH VIDEO INTERVIEW: https://youtu.be/eLpDtI_n37s

Instagram: http://Instagram.com/jeffnoelspeaks


Jefferson “Jeff” Noel is a young Haitian-American community educator, born and raised in Miami, FL. At the age of 18, Jeff Noel has pursued Entrepreneurship, opening his first storefront business—Noel’s Healthy Living. He has since written numerous articles online, and has published his most recent book “Powerful Presenting: How to Overcome One of the Nation’s Greatest Fears.” In 2016, Jefferson founded Barbershop Speaks— an organization dedicated to engaging in intelligent discussions inside Barbershops and Beauty Salons to enlighten, educate, and empower the community. Additionally, Jefferson created a national resource called Leaders Accelerating National Excellence (L.A.N.E.). 

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