Nov. 8, 2019

UP #69 From Always Depressed to Motivating Thousands through their Morning Routine | Tiffany Lanier

UP #69 From Always Depressed to Motivating Thousands through their Morning Routine | Tiffany Lanier
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Hello Powerful People! Learn how Tiffany Lanier transformed her life from being always depressed to becoming a motivational speaker! She shares how she grew through the pain and extracted lessons that she will forever hold dear to her heart.


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Here’s an overview:

[0:00] Show Preview

[2:53] Tiffany Lanier Self Introduction

[3:37] What does it mean to be conscious?

[4:48] What exactly is a purpose?

[5:36] When did you first feel purposeful?

- Starting an organization in college

[8:24] Did you ever experience self-doubt during those early days?

[10:23] How long it took from attending a major conference to becoming the keynote speaker?

[11:03] Tiffany Lanier: The moment I realize I can become a motivational speaker

[12:35] Trusting your intuition and listening to your soul

[13:22] What lessons have you learned in the last decade?

-The importance of letting your life unfold

-Leave room to continue to grow

-Understanding our connectedness collectively

[15:38] Knowing that you don't know

[19:30] Tiffany Lanier Speaks about her encounter with depression

[20:28] Facing a possible miscarriage

[23:12] Experiencing Post-Partum Depression

[23:57] Tiffany. Lanier The day I realized I had no set morning routine

[25:46] What led to starting the Morning Shift

[29:18] Healing before arriving at your goal - Edouard Gilles

[30:44] Major life setbacks are often minor -Edouard Gilles

[32:35] Depression becoming a regular state -“growing up, I was always [33:10] depressed"

[33:10] Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset

[34:57] Tiffany Lanier: When I started my personal development journey

Being Willing to Learn

[37:36] Edouard Gilles: Take Losses or learn Lessons

[38:32] Tiffany Lanier: Feeling Like I didn’t have enough time to accomplish my goals

[28:26] What are some tips for building a peaceful inner and outer environment?[42:03] Inspiration Vs. Motivation

[45:03] Get in Touch with Tiffany Lanier

[45:38] Tiffany’s Final Message

[46:11] Closing Message: The Paint Analogy

Who isTiffany Lanier?

Tiffany is a leading millennial voice in personal growth, conscious leadership, and meaningful work. She is a serial entrepreneur, podcaster, nationally renowned Inspirational Speaker. She's the CEO and Founder of LPLC 360 home to A Modern Visionary and The Morning Shift Co.

What is theUnlimited Power Show?

A personal development talk show that serves as an educational platform, featuring millennial entrepreneurs and self-improvement segments. The Unlimited Power Show is a go-to for mental, physical and spiritual health. The concept of this show is matchmaking millennials seeking answers with people who experienced a similar issue or is professional that can help them with such an issue.

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