March 3, 2022

#1 Healing with Movement and Dance With Imogene Williams | Holistic Lifestyle Show

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Welcome to the premier episode of the Holistic Lifestyle Show hosted on Instagram Live! This conversation is from a while back withImogene Williams (@iamlovenflow) who teaches dance, pilates and integrates movement with mental health. Tap in to this conversation for her story, journey and how she got to be who she is.

What is the Holistic Lifestyle Show?

The Holistic Lifestyle Show is a podcast that is a live instagram conversation with seekers, healers, teachers, coaches and motivators about their process and journey to becoming who they are. We share the stories of those who are in service to humanity through being a vessel for God to use. Listen if you want to be inspired by some amazing beings who are seekers, healers, teachers, coaches and motivators.

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Mental health Check in

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Mindful Movement

All you need is 20 minutes of active movement in order to to improve your mood , release pain and inflammation and reduce stress.

Personal Development

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Powerful Affirmations

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