April 3, 2019

UP#52 I Quit My Job to Share Positive Stories in Black Communities | Chantal Lue on Unlimited Power Show

UP#52 I Quit My Job to Share Positive Stories in Black Communities | Chantal Lue on Unlimited Power Show

Hello Powerful People, today I introduce to you Chantal Lue. Chantal Lue is on a mission to have a positive impact on the black community through media. She is the producer of her media company, Colourful Illusions. Colourful Illusions serves as a digital platform highlighting positive stories in the Black community. Their mission is to ultimately change the rhetoric surrounding minority populations and work toward building a unified society.   WATCH VIDEO: https://youtu.be/K_sCAQICpyI 

On this episode, Edouard Gilles speaks to Chantal about her life and her passion came to be, here's what was discussed:

0:00 Teaser

2:45 Self-Introduction

4:51 What did you originally go to school for?

10:09 What was the initial reaction you got from yourself and others when you decided to do this?

13:47 What drives you to share the stories of people in black communities/ What's next?

14:14 Colourful Illusions Mission Statement

15:25 What are some ways we can use media to spark change?

16:25 Chantals Favorite Colourful Illusion episodes

32:40 How to find guest for your show or blog

34:21 Where does Chantal Lue want to take Colourful Illusions?

35:21 How satisfied are you with your life and what you're doing?

36:36 How do you keep positive vibes?

37:49 What are some things you do to take care of yourself mentally?

39:53 How do people get closer to God?

41:13 What are some struggles you had to overcome?

44:03 I am Real 

45:44 Chantal's Final Message

All documentaries rights remain to Colourful illusions, Links are listed below:

1.A Smile That Could Light Up a Room https://youtu.be/nRcWKNznnh8

2.The Lady Bulls' Road to Success


3. Miami Bike Life to the Max


4.The Story Behind the Paint



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